ALL SCRIPTS WITH “Auto Scrolling” NEED TO BE RIGHT CLICKED AND SAVED. Left clicking will play audio only on a black screen. SCRIPT WILL ONLY AUTO SCROLL WHEN DOWNLOADED (right click and click “Save link as…”)AND RUN LOCALLY ON YOUR COMPUTER WITH MiniLyrics PLUGIN FROM WWW.CRINTSOFT.COM.

When you click on the title that is not labeled “Auto Scrolling”,you can SEE the script as a webpage. Then you can also download the audio file to play as you scroll manually using the old method.

If you want to download a (non auto scrolling) script to use offline, you must also download the accompanying .mp3 file where it says ‘Audio Track’ and place it in the same folder as the original .html file in order to hear audio. Right click and select “save target as” in the same folder with the same exact name.

You can download files to a phone or tablet but auto scrolling will not work.