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Always make your puppets a little different from one another. Eye and nose spacing and other proportions give them individuality! People in the real world all have different traits! Other ways to make them different is hair color, eye color, length of hair and styling too. Use of facial hair for men helps to convey character. People wear different kinds of clothing from one another too.

A really easy way to help your puppets “come alive” is to keep them moving. People never stand absolutely still unless there’s something wrong with them. A puppet which has very few lines and is locked into one position conveys one thought... BORING! Have your puppet turn and look at the puppet which is doing the talking too. An easy way to make you puppet ‘come alive’ is to have it physically react to what the other puppets are saying. Instantly, people will believe that you are master puppeteers!

Making an effort to give attention to detail enhances your puppet show. Be sure that eye glasses are secure. Make sure the nose is not about to fall off. These are things which make the kids laugh, but you want to make them laugh because of the storyline and not because of your technical problems. Make sure your puppet’s mouth is moving when it’s suppose to. But don’t open the mouth all the way, all of the time. It will look more realistic to open the mouth slightly on consonants and more on vowels. It’s okay to open the mouth widely to convey shock reactions when other puppets are speaking.

Tips and Suggestions for Better Performances:

Here’s what these puppets look like when they’re done!

Click here to download free plans or to purchase a construction DVD…

-Simply answer ten questions correctly to access free plans on how to make your own puppets. These plans were given freely for exclusive Christian ministry only. This short quiz helps to honor the designers wishes.

Construction plans are free. Video is available only after taking short quiz.

Free Plans on How to Make Puppets

(Exclusively for Christian Ministry)

Keep them moving!

Mouth Synchronization!

Puppet Construction