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Voice: Mike (natural)
Traits:  formal, gentle, soft spoken

Sugar Bear
Voice: Mike (natural)
Traits: happy, silly, jubilant

Don Key
Voice: Chuck  3 semitones down
Traits: gets excited, loud, likes to sing

Voice: Joel (natural)
Traits:  Does monthly memory Bible verses

Hare E. Rabbit
Voice: Adelina
Traits: nervous, quick, timid, insecure

Timothy the Turtle
Voice: Chuck (natural)
Traits: helps when Froggy is away.

Characters Page

Spike Jones

Age 8

Voice: Chuck

3 semitones up

Honest, zanny, wild, tries anything before thinking, jokester, worldly Christian


Age 7

Voice: Gunner

3 semitones up

Traits: Meek, smart, responsible, self-confident, honest, gets easily spooked

Sally Anne Jones

Age 5

Voice: Mariah

3 semitones up

Traits: gullible, judgmental, indecisive, scatterbrained


Age 10

Voice Joel

3 semitones up

Traits: Cool Dude, level-headed, calm, self-confident, sensitive, understanding, mature

Priscilla Davenport

Age 10

Voice: Brooke

3 semitones up

Traits: Singer, spiritually minded, knowledgeable, bible thumper, evangelistic minded

Poncho Rodriguez

Age 8

Voice: Joey (natural)

Traits: mannerly, friendly, respectful, understanding, compassionate, Mexican


Age 9

Voice: Leona

3 semitones up

Traits: attitude, loud, conceited, non-Christian, opinionated, exaggerates, preppy, dramatic, appearance sensitive

Little Molly Baxter

Age 5

Voice: Adelina

3 semitones up

Traits: cry baby, outspoken, meek,

Sometimes brave


Age 9

Voice: Gunner 3 semitones up

Traits: sensitive, observant, forgetful, disoriented, conformist, worries a lot

Grandpa Gordon Wilson

Age 65

Voice: Clif (natural)

Traits: forgetful, disoriented, happy, lazy

Grandma Lucy Wilson

Age 60

Voice: Shirley (natural)

Traits, wise, old, Dutch, sweet, knowledgeable, loves kids, very helpful, caring

Luigi Pacarelli

Age 40

Voice Mike (natural with Italian accent)

Traits: sings, chef, easy going, warm, friendly except when angry

Vince Pacarelli

Age: 28

Voice: Mike (natural)

Traits: Policeman, legalistic, friendly, organized, orderly

Larry Kelly

Age 40

Voice: Mike (natural)

Traits: Eccentric teacher, very detailed, literal, perfectionist

Martha Jones

Age 35

Voice: Penny (natural)

Traits: Teacher, Spike’s mom, worries, defensive, non-Christian

Lu Chen

Age: 35

Voice: Mike

Traits: Chinese Chef, friendly, patient, Christian

Voice: Chuck
3 semitones up
Traits: Wild over bananas, not very smart, very emotional, gullible

Winnie the World


Voice: Linda (natural)

Traits: strong southern accent, evangelist, encouraging

Voice: Susan
3 semitones up
Traits: knowledgeable, polite, caring, dainty


Voice: Chuck (natural)

Traits: Selfish, nasty, rude, self-centered, trickster, critical


Voice: Gunner (natural)

Traits: Makes car sounds when talking, serious, to the point

Buddy Barrel


Voice: Mike

3 semitones up

Traits: Lively, knowledgeable, promotes BGMC

Erline the Toucan
Voice: Amber
3 semitones down
Traits: Likes warm weather


Voice: Mike

Traits: Rock Singer

Tyrone E. Saurus (Rex)
Voice: Mike
Traits: Rebel

Chester the Chimp
Voice: Nate
Traits: Timid & Shy

Samson the Spider

Voice: Chuck-sounds (doesn’t really speak)

Traits: nervous, friendly, belongs to Little Molly

Sammy the Snake

Voice: Mike (natural)

Traits: friendly but suspiscious


Voice: Steve

Traits: Cool dog

Woody the Woodchuck

Lamb Chop

Charlie Horse

Voice: Larry O.
Traits: Shares only worldly wisdom

Voice: Ted N.
Traits: Majestic, quotes scripture


Age 5

Voice: Mikayla

Traits: Paranoid, a non-stop complainer, insecure, critical