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In most cases, you will see a number such as 200906 which is associated with each script. This is an original date when the script was used. So, if you want to be careful that all your shows make sense chronologically, then refer to this number. The reason the year is listed first is because of the way computers sort numbers. This ensures proper order.

ALL scripts in this section include Buddy Barrel

Buddy Barrel is an Assemblies of God Church character we use to remind children to bring in their barrels filled with spare change which is sent to missionaries to help supplement their expenses. These scripts present this in a fun way after various scenarios with ‘Spike’ and ‘Butch’, two puppet characters we have created. Feedback or suggestions are welcome.

Remember, if you want to scroll the text manually and download this version to use offline, you must also download the accompanying audio file where it says ‘Audio Track’ and place it in the same folder as the original .htm file in order to hear audio.

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