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   We are a team of puppeteers from Groton, NY where we perform monthly for the children in our church. We started pre-recording our monthly scripts to improve the quality of our shows. Right away, they improved. No more shuffled papers or not being loud enough. With our hands free to concentrate on puppet operation, things began to flow much better. “Why should we keep this to ourselves”, we thought. Thus, the creation of www.instantpuppetshows.com!

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Mike Competillo-founder of instantpuppetshows.com. He is a school bus driver and a video producer; a former radio announcer for CBN Radio Northeast. He is the voice of Buddy Barrel, Larry Kelly, Duke, Samson, Luigi and Vince.

Chuck Hendrickson is the voice of Temperton, Spike, Keller, Don Key and Bananas.

Amber Clark does much of our computer control during recording sessions and is the voice of Erline .

Brooke is one of our newest voices. She is our new voice for Priscilla.

Clif Todd does the voice of Grandpa Gordon.

Shirley Green is the voice of our ‘Grandma Lucy.

Joel is the voice of Greg and even though he has moved on to college he still finds time to record for us remotely.