ĎLove Means Putting Others Firstí
©2011 Chuck Hendrickson
Edited by Mike Competillo
Characters: (Timothy Turtle and Little Molly enter first, then Sally, then Henry)

Molly: Thatís a good boy Timothy. (She pets him and feeds him a piece of grass)

(Sally enters)

Sally: Hi Molly. Whatcha got there? Yuck! Thatís disgusting!

Molly: Sally, heís not disgusting. Heís a turtle and his name is Timothy.

Sally: Ewe, you shouldnít be touching that disgusting thing.

Molly: Shhh! Youíre going to hurt his feelings. (She pets the turtle again) Now, now Timothy. She didnít mean anything by that.

Sally: You just got a dog and now your mommy and daddy let you have a turtle for a pet?

Molly: Heís not a pet; heís part of the family! Do you want to pet him? He wonít bite.

Sally: No way. Well at least I know where youíve been spending your time lately.

Molly: Boy, it sure is a lot of work taking care of a turtle, but I love him so I donít mind too much.

(Henry Baxter enters)

Henry: Hi Girls.

Molly: Hi daddy.

Sally: Hi Mr. Baxter.

Henry: I hope youíre taking good care of that turtle, Molly.

Molly: I sure am. I just fed him his lunch.

Sally: Canít you just leave him in the water with some food for him on a rock and go play outside and play with him later.

Molly: I couldnít do that. Timothy is just like my baby brother. He needs lots of love.

Sally: I donít think I could ever love a turtle. I wouldnít want to spend time taking care of a turtle when I could be outside playing.

Henry: Sometimes you have to put others needs first.

Sally: I always share with my friends. Sometimes even though I wanted to play tag, I would play dolls with my friend just because she wanted to.

Henry: Well that sounds really nice! We need to show love to everyone, not just our friends.

Sally: But people donít have to love turtles if they donít want to, right?

Henry Baxter: Not unless youíve already decided to keep one as a pet.

Molly: (excited)Öas a member of the family!

Henry Baxter: Thatís right, as a member of the family.

Molly: I will always love Timothy.

Henry: Love puts others first. Love never fails.

Sally: I never thought about it like that. I guess I need to remember how much God loves me and show others that same love.

Henry: That a girl. Now youíre talking like a Christian.

Molly: Hey Sally, do you want to pet Timothy now?

Sally: Um, do I have to?

Henry Baxter: Well, not if you donít want to.

Molly: I knew it. You donít love Timothy.

Henry Baxter: Hold on now Little Molly. Some people donít like pets, IÖI mean animals as much as other people.

Molly: But you just said we need to love others.

Henry Baxter: Remember this, love is never forceful. It does not seek its own way. Give it time.

Molly: Well, do you want to come to my house and see his bed I made for him.

Sally: You made a bed for him?

Molly: Yep.

Sally: Well, okay.

Henry: Why donít we all go to the house and Iíll get you girls some cookies after we put Timothy in his cage.

Sally: Sure!

Molly: Thanks Daddy.