ĎBuddy Teaches Spike and Butch About Sharingí

©2011 Chuck Hendrickson
edited by Mike Competillo


Buddy: Well hello boys and girls. Today I thought I would talk to you aboutÖ

(Spike and Butch come in fighting over a gadget)

Spike: Itís mine! I want to play with it.

Butch: I just want to play with it for a little while!

Buddy: Hmmm I wonder what seems to be the problem?

Spike: Nope, not until Iím done! That was before I realized how fun it is.

Butch: I want to play with it! Let me see it! (Butch grabs for it)

Spike: No!

Butch: Yes!

Buddy: Spike, what um?

Spike: No!

Buddy: Butch whatís goingÖ

Butch: Yes!

Buddy: Now just a minute you two! What seems to be the problem?

Butch: Hi Buddy.

Spike: Oh Hi Buddy. I didnít see you there.

Buddy: It seems you two were a little too busy fighting to notice me.

Butch: Itís his fault!

Spike: No itís not!

Butch: Is to!

Spike: Is not!

Buddy: Letís not start that again.

Butch: Spike wonít share his game with me.

Buddy: Is that true Spike? I never knew you to not share.

Spike: Well, itís just, um I was having fun with my new game and um, I was going to share after I played with it awhile.

Buddy: That sounds okay. How long have you been playing with your new game?

Spike: Um, not that long.

Butch: Not that long! Heís had that game for a week. He keeps telling me I can play with it tomorrow but tomorrow never comes.

Buddy: Now Spike, if you promised Butch he would get a turn you need to follow through on what you say.

Spike: Well um, itís mine and, I just wanted a little more time with it.

Butch: Heís never going to let me play with it!

Buddy: Spike, it sounds like you are forgetting what the fruits of the Spirit are.

Spike: I remember theyíre, love, joy, peace, patience, goodness, faithfulness, and gentleness.

Butch: You forgot kindness and self-control!

Spike: Oh yeah, kindness and self-control.

Buddy: Spike, Butch is right. You are forgetting about kindness and self-control. Part of sharing is being kind enough to share your toy with someone. Self-control is having enough patience to share your toy with a friend even though you want to keep playing with it yourself.

Spike: Do we have to have a lesson?

Buddy: Sharing things with others is very important. As a matter of fact there is a holiday that is coming up that is all about sharing.

Spike: What sharing holiday is that?

Buddy: ItísÖ

Spike: Thanksgiving is the only holiday I can think of. But that doesnít have anything to do with sharing?

Butch:, Yeah it does, Spike. Thanks-Giving! Get it?!

Buddy: Thatís right Butch. Thanksgiving is about being thankful for what God has done for us. Some families have big dinners and share their food with friends and family. As Christians thatís how we share our faith and Gods love with others.

Spike: I never thought about it that way.

Butch: Sharing is just one way of showing others kindness.

Spike:Well, then why doesnít Butch show me a little more love and kindness by letting me have my own toy to play with?

Buddy: Spike, you know the right thing to do, donít you?

Spike:Yeah! I guess so.

Buddy: Choosing to do whatís right, even when itís hard to do it, shows self-control.

Spike: Iím sorry Butch. Here, you can play with it for as long as you want.

Butch: Really? Thanks Spike. I just want to play it a little bit, and Iíll give it back soon.

Buddy: Good for you!

Butch: Uh, Spike, the batteries are low.

Spike: Oh man. Iím sorry Butch. I donít have any more batteries.

Butch: Thatís okay Spike. We have some at home. You can keep them even after Iím done playing with your game.

Spike: Gee, thanks Butch. So um, how long before Iíll get to have it back?

Butch: Uh, no more thanÖ a week probably. See ya Buddy! (exits)

Spike: A week! Hey Butch, come back here! (exits)

Buddy: Oh my goodness. I guess boys will be boys! I just hope theyíve learned something. How about you boys and girls? Donít forget to share some of your spare change for the missionaries by filling up those barrels! Bye, bye!