201110 ĎDoctor Spike Needs Patienceí

©2011 Chuck Hendrickson

Edited by Mike Competillo

Characters: Spike, Butch, Priscilla, & Keller


(Spike comes in dressed like a Doctor with throat stick)

Spike: Now my mommy will be proud of me!

(Butch comes in)

Butch: Hi Spike, whatcha doing?

Spike: Hi Butch. Hey, you can be my first patient.

Butch: Youíre first what?

Spike: My first patient! Come over here and say ďahĒ.

Butch: Iím not going to let you stick that thing in my mouth.

Spike: Ah come on Butch. Iíll try not to make it hurt.

Butch: Youíll what!? Let me out of here.

Spike: No, Butch. Wait! (Butch leaves)

Butch: (offstage) Youíre not experimenting on me! (sound effect)

Spike: Oh man! How am I going to get patience? Hmm. They say everything is in a name. Maybe ĎDoctor Spikeí doesnít sound official enough. I know, I bet if I call myself uhÖ ĎDoctor Spiegelí then people will trust me.

(Priscilla comes in)

Spike: Ah ha another patient! Hi Priscilla.

Priscilla: Hi Spike. What are you doing in that doctor costume?

Spike: Costume you sayÖ This is my doctorís uniform. You must have me mistaken with some other handsome young man. My name is Doctor Spiegel.

Priscilla: Doctor Spiegel, what?

Spike: Yes, it is I, the great doctor Spiegel. Come closer so I can check your tonsils.

(Spike moves closer with the tongue stick)

Priscilla: Spike, You arenít getting anywhere near my tonsils. Only a real doctor should do that.

Spike: I-I just told you Iím Doctor Spiegel!

Priscilla: Spike, I was born ten years ago, not ten days ago.

Spike: Open up wide and say Ďahí.

Priscilla: Spike, youíre younger than me. There is no way you could be a doctor.

Spike: Ah, come on, please!

Priscilla: Iím outta here. (Priscilla leaves) (sfx)

Spike: Grrrr! How am I supposed to get patience if nobody will trust me to be their doctor? Itís hopeless! (Spike hangs his head)

(Keller comes in humming)

Keller: Greetings pouting boy and how are you today?

Spike: Iím not a pouting boy. Iím Spike.

Keller: So you are. What seems to be the problem pouting Spike?

Spike: Iím not pouting Spike. Iím just Spike.

Keller: Iím sorry.

Spike: Iím just sad because I was trying to get patience and nobody will trust me.

Keller: Is that why you are dressed like a doctor?

Spike: Yeah.

Keller: People will only trust a real doctor. For that you need lots of education.

Spike: Well, Iíve just been trying to do the right thing.

Keller: Just what are you trying to do?

Spike: Hmmm. My mom got mad at me in the car this summer and told me if I donít stop asking her if we are there yet, sheís going to lose her patience. When I asked her what that meant she said it is one of the fruits of the Spirit that I hadnít been blessed with yet.

Keller: Ah, What your mother was talking about was patience. That means waiting for something that may take a long time without complaining.

Spike: Oh now I understand, she was tired of me complaining.

Keller: I think you are getting it now.

Spike: I donít know if I have any patience.

Keller: I know how to find out if you do or not.

Spike: Oh really, how?

Keller: Iím not going to tell you.

Spike: Ah come on, please! Tell me now, I wanna know, I wanna know right now!

Keller: Nope, youíre mom was right. I see now that you donít have any patience.

Spike: How can you tell? How can you tell?

Keller: Oh never mind, but donít worry. Patience is my specialty.

Spike: Well, I need patience and I need it right now.

Keller: Easy now.

Spike: How can I get some?

Keller: Well first let me tell you that life as a caterpillar is very slow and we must have lots of patience. It sometimes takes me all day just to eat a leaf for my afternoon snack.

Spike: Wow. That must be horrible!

Keller: But God is very patient. He loves us and waits for us to come to Him for forgiveness and salvation.

Spike: Oh yeah, God must be patient especially with someone like me.

Keller: You can show your love for Him by remembering to be patient with others.

Spike: Hmm, so I guess If I pray and practice being patient with others, I can do it with Godís help

Keller: Now you are talking like a smart boy. Patience is one of the fruits of the Spirit. The Holy Spirit can help you make the right choices.

Spike: Thank you, um mister caterpillar.

Keller: Now that you mention it, I never gave you my name. My name is Keller.

Spike: Please to meet you Mr. Keller.

Keller: You know, someday if I am patient, I will become a butterfly and I can change my name to Gupta the Butterfly. I have always liked that name.

Spike: Well I better get home Mr. Keller. Thanks and bye, bye.

Keller: Hope to see you again sometime.

(Spike leaves)

Keller: I must be on my way. (Slowly leaves)