ĎFruit of the Spirití

©2011 Chuck Hendrickson

Edited by Mike Competillo

(Characters: Buddy, Molly & Bananas)

(Props: none)


Buddy Barrel: (comes in singing) Oh a little bit here and a little bit thereíll spread Godís love everywhere. The gospel grows with help from me when I give to BGMC.

Molly: (comes in acting nervous and scared) Oh no, oh no. What am I going to do? I got to hide!

Buddy: What seems to be the problem Little Molly?

(Molly goes behind the curtain)

Buddy: Hmmm, thatís odd. I wonder what was wrong with Molly.

Bananas: (comes in really excited)

Bananas, bananas, bananas! Where are all the bananas? I know there is fruit around here somewhere, and where there is fruit there is bound to be bananas!She must have gone this way. Oooeeeahahah.

(Bananas goes behind the curtain)

Buddy: Ah wait Bananas! Oh dear it seems that something is going on. I better go see whatís wrong.

Molly: (enters) Wait Buddy Barrel! I need your help.

Buddy: There you are. I was just going to see if you needed my assistance. What is all this confusion about?

Molly: Itís that crazy monkey! He thinks Iím going to get some free bananas or something.

Buddy: I wonder what gave him that idea. You didnít mention anything about free fruit to him did you?

Molly: No way! I didnít say anything to him at all. I was talking to Spike about childrenís church and the next thing I knew that crazy monkey was jumping all around and talking about free bananas.

Buddy: Hmmm, that is very interesting. What did you tell Spike about Childrenís Church?

Molly: Well um, I was telling him about what we did in class, and how our pastor was telling us about the fruit of the Spirit, and how we get it.

Buddy: Ah ha! I think I understand now.

Bananas: (enters) Oooeeeahahah! I knew it. I knew it. Somebody mentioned fruit again. I found you.Grrrrr! You have to take me to the free fruit so I can munch on some yummy, yummy bananas!

Molly: I told you monkey I donít have any fruit or bananas for you and I donít know where to get you any!

Bananas: Oooeeeeahaha, you are just trying to keep them from me. You want them for yourself.

Molly: I do not!

Bananas: You do too! Grrr!

Buddy: Hold on a minute you two. I think I understand what the misunderstanding is.

Bananas: I know what the problem is. Iím being bananaboozled.

Buddy: Now hold on a minute Bananas. Why do you think she has bananas or fruit?

Bananas: I heard her tell that boy Spike about fruit at that store.

Molly: What store?

Bananas: Um I think you said Wal-Mart or Tops or... Oooeeeahaha. I know it was the Spirit store.

Molly: Spirit store?

Buddy: Bananas, I think what you heard her say was fruit of the Spirit.

Bananas: Oooeeeahah! Yeah, yeah thatís it! The fruit of the Spirit store!

Buddy: Iím sorry Bananas but you wonít find fruit of the Spirit in any store. The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.

Bananas: Oooeeeahahah, But, but I canít eat any of that.

Buddy:Of course not.

Bananas: Well what good is fruit that you canít eat?

Buddy:You donít understand because youíre a monkey.

Bananas: My mommy told me humans donít make any sense.

Buddy:The fruits of the Spirit are ways to behave properly. It is a partnership with the Holy Spirit. He helps us to make right choices so that we grow in our faith.

Molly: My pastor told me that the fruit of the Spirit shows Jesus in me.

Buddy: Thatís right Molly.Going to church and reading our Bible shows us how to have fruits of the Spirit.

Bananas: Well Iím outta here!

Buddy: Where are you going, Bananas?

Bananas: Iím going to look for some bananas!

Molly: I forgive you, Bananas. By the way, I think my mom could spare a banana or two if you want to follow me home.

Bananas: Or two? Ooooeeeeahahah. (Bananas moves up close to Molly) Letís go.

Molly: Ok. Bye Buddy.

Bananas: Okay, Okay. Bye, bye Buddy. Bananas, bananas, bananas, yes!

(Molly and Bananas leave)

Buddy: Well, Iím glad that worked out all right. Donít forget to bring your barrels next week to help out the missionaries. Bye, bye boys and girls.