Edited by Mike Competillo

(Characters: PRISCILLA, Sally, Veronica & Greg)

(Props: jacket, notebook)


PRISCILLA: Hurry up Sally. Weíre going to be late for school.

SALLY:†† I am, but I canít find my notebook. I know it left it right here after Veronica and I got done studying last night.

PRISCILLA: Well, it has to be here some place.

SALLY:†† Oh here it is. My Brother threw his jacket over it. Letís go!

(They leave briefly. Music up. Veronica enters then Priscilla and Sally. Music out)

PRISCILLA: Look thereís Veronica now. Hi Veronica.

VERONICA:†† Hi girls. Are you ready for another day at school?

SALLY:†† I think so. I like having someone helping me.

PRISCILLA: That spelling was hard. My mom had to ask me a couple of times before I got it right.

VERONICA:†† Yeah, we had to go over it a couple of times before we got it right too.

GREG: (enters) Hi girls ready for another day at school?

Veronica:Yeah I guess, but personally I miss the summer!

Greg:Yeah me too.

Veronica: I had a great summer.

SALLY:†† I did too. We went to VBS! It was so cool this year.

PRISCILLA: Did you like VBS, Greg?

GREG: It was great. Hey Veronica how come you didnít go? They invited you didnít they?

VERONICA: Well, my mom and dad said that they didnít want me to go to church at night. We donít go to church.

PRISCILLA: Thatís too bad. They let you go to the party we had at church.

VERONICA: That was different. That was a party-not church.

GREG: Well, do you want to go to church or Sunday school?

VERONICA: Iím not sure. I think it sounds too much like school for sure. I go to school 5 days a week. I just donĎt want to have to go another day.

SALLY: I think we should pray that her parents will let her go if she wants to.

VERONICA: Well, I donít know. We had better get in there or weíre going to be late.

Sally & Priscilla:Yeah, letís go.

Greg: Yep, come on.

SALLY: Come on Veronica we have the same first class. See the rest of you later. Bye.

PRISCILLA: Bye. See you later.

GREG: Bye.