Edited by Mike Competillo

Characters Spike & Butch


SPIKE (dancing around, talking to himself) Boy oh boy! Iím doiní really good today!

BUTCH---Hi Spike, Why are you talking to yourself?

SPIKE---Well Butch, if you had the day I had youíd be talking and dancing too!

BUTCH---Oh really, what are you talking about?

SPIKE---Well the first thing that happened was I got a 100 on my English test.

BUTCH---Wow, thatís great.But did something else happen?

SPIKEóIt sure did. I was really great on the baseball field too. I hit the winning ball and brought in 2 runs. That won the game. All because of me!!

BUTCH---Well thatís great, Spike. That does sound exciting!

SPIKE--- You bet it was. Everyone was cheering just for me, me, ME! It was awesome.

BUTCH--- But Spike werenít there other players on the team too.

SPIKE---Well yeah, but Iím the only one who made the winning hit on the team.But thatís not all! Just wait till you hear this....

BUTCH---Spike, you sure are excited, but donít you think that youíre bragging just a little too much?


BUTCH--- And I bet you werenít the only one to get 100 on the test.

SPIKE--- Well, maybe not, but who cares. Besides, you havenít heard everything yet.

BUTCH--- What now, Spike?

SPIKE--- I tried out for the play and I got a major part. That was just great. So I think that I have every right to brag.

BUTCH--- I think itís exciting that all those great things happened to you. But Spike, do you remember the lesson we had in Sunday school about what the bible says about pride?

SPIKE--- Was there a parade in the bible?

BUTCH--- Spike, I didnít say paradeÖ

SPIKE--- Unless maybe you want to have a parade for me down Main Street. (laughs)

BUTCH--- No, Spike. I said pride, not parade. Werenít you listening in Sunday School?

SPIKE---No I guess I wasnít paying attention. A lot of those things were for people back in the old days.

BUTCHóSpike the bible is for everyone all the time.The Bible says that if you brag about yourself all the time, something will happen to you that will make you feel bad.

SPIKE--- Why would that happen to me? I am just telling the truth. (very stately)

BUTCH---Yes Spike, you are telling the truth. But youíre bragging and that makes it wrong. There were other people on the team that helped win the game as well as you. And Iím sure you know that there were other kids in English that got 100 as well as you.

SPIKE--- Well, so what! Why are you trying to put me down because of it?

BUTCH--- Iím not trying to put you down. Itís okay for people to praise you for the things you do. But youíre suppose to be a little more quiet about it yourself.

SPIKE--- Says who?

BUTCH--- Says God! (pause) (quieter) No one likes someone who brags about himself all the time. Besides that, did you ever stop to think that maybe you should have given Jesus some of the thanks for helping you do all those things?

SPIKE--- Huh?

BUTCH--- Maybe you should think about that a little. Well Spike, Iím happy that you had such great day. I have to go now. See you later. (exits)

SPIKE----Hmm, Gee, I guess that I did brag a little too much and I never thought about Jesus. I guess I had better ask him to forgive me for bragging so much. I guess Iíll ask Mom to pray with me (calling out as he leaves) MOMMY... (exits)