Donít Be Afraid to Show Your Faith

©2011 Chuck Hendrickson

Edited by Mike Competillo

Characters: Veronica, Sally, Priscilla, Greg


(Veronica and Sally enter)

Veronica: Hi Sally.

Sally: Oh, hi Veronica.

Veronica: It sure was a crazy day at school last Friday, wasnít it?

Sally: What do you mean? It seemed pretty normal to me.

Veronica: Didnít you see what Priscilla was wearing on Friday?

Sally: No, I didnít notice anything strange.

Veronica: I sure did.

Sally: Why, what was she was wearing?

Veronica: She wore a Christian shirt!

Sally: What do you mean by Ďa Christian shirtí?

Veronica: You know, it said something like ĎJesus is King of kingsí. I wouldnít be caught wearing something like that - anywhere, much less at school!

Sally: Wow, I donít know if I would ever dare to wear a shirt like that. I would be afraid someone would pick on me.
Veronica: Even if I was a Christian, I wouldnít wear a shirt like that. They would laugh me right out of school.

Sally: Did anyone call her names?

Veronica:I donít know. I didnít stay there long enough to find out.

Sally: They probably made fun of her.

Veronica: Yeah, I bet they did.

(Priscilla comes in)

Veronica: Shhhh, here she comes.

Priscilla: Hi Sally, Hi Veronica. How are you?

Veronica: I bet my Friday was better than yours.

Priscilla: Whatís that supposed to mean?

Sally: Oh Priscilla I feel so sorry for you. I bet your mom and dad made you wear it. Iíll still be your friend.

Priscilla: Wait a minute. What do you mean my Ďmom and dad made me wear ití?

Sally: You know - that Christian shirt.

Priscilla: Oh you mean my shirt that my Grandma bought me for my birthday. It says ĎJesus is the King of kingsí!

Veronica: So thatís why you wore that shirt. Your grandma made you wear it!

Priscilla: Of course not!

Sally: Iíll bet you wore it because you didnít want her to feel bad.

Priscilla: No. I wore it because I like it.

Veronica: You mean you actually like wearing Christian shirts?

Priscilla: Why wouldnít I like wearing a Christian shirt?

Sally: Arenít you afraid people will know you are a Christian?

Priscilla: Why would I be afraid? I am a Christian!

Sally: Iím a Christian too, but I donít want everyone else in school to know it. Iím afraid theyíll pick on me.

Priscilla: Iím not afraid. Besides, Jesus says whoeverís ashamed of Him, that Heíll be ashamed of you in front of His Father.

Sally: OhÖ. I didnít know that.

Priscilla: Well, nobodyís ever picked on me before. Anyway, there are a lot of Christians in school. I met a lot of them because they saw me wearing my Christian shirt.

Veronica: What about the popular kids in school. I bet they picked on you!

Priscilla: Some of the popular kids are Christians too. You know Greg who all the kids want to be friends with?

Sally: Oh yeah that neat surfer dude! Heís so cool.

Priscilla: Yep, heís the one. Heís a Christian.

Veronica: Yeah, but youíd probably never see him wearing a shirt like that around!

(Greg comes in wearing a Christian shirt.)

Greg: Oh hey Priscilla. Check out my new shirt. I saved up my money so I could by it. Isnít it awesome?

Priscilla: Hi Greg. Itís a great shirt!

Greg: Thanks. I was just on my way to show my buddies. See you. (Greg Leaves)

Sally: Youíre right Priscilla. Iím not going to be afraid of letting people know that Iím a Christian anymore!

Priscilla: Good! You should never be afraid to let other people know. Jesus died on a cross for us. And He gave His life so that we could be saved and live with Him in heaven. I like people to know that Iím a Christian. When they find out Iím a Christian, sometimes they ask me about Jesus and I always tell them what I learned in church.

Veronica: Well I better get home. I have chores to do.

Priscilla: Would you like me to walk with you so I can tell you more about God?

Veronica:Nah. Iím in a hurry anyways. Bye

Sally: See you Veronica. Hey Priscilla do you want to walk together?

Priscilla: Sure. Letís go.