‘Modern Day Heroes’
©2011 Elaine Seltzer
Edited by Mike Competillo


LU CHEN---Good afternoon Officer Vinnie.

Vinnie---Hi Lu Chen.

Lu Chen---What brings you here?

VINNY--- Ah, just wanted to be sure everything is alright.

Lu Chen—Why is something the matter?

MARTHA---(enters) Good afternoon, Lu Chen. Is my order ready?

Lu Chen—Good afternoon to you, Martha Jones and yes it is ready.

Martha---Oh hi there officer Vinnie. Am I glad to see you! I have a question for you.

Vinnie---What might that be Martha?

Martha--- Well, Spike came home all excited about you being a hero!

Lu Chen---You, a hero?

Vinnie---Ah man, it is nothing…

Martha----- Well, I haven’t had time to read the paper or watch TV. But, he came home and said you were just like Shadmego in the bible.

Vinnie---I don’t believe I am familiar with that name…

Lu Chen---What happened?

Martha---Well, it took me a few minutes to realize that he meant Shadrach, Meshach , and Abednego. He said you must have had an angel watching over you like he did.

Lu Chen---An angel? What?

Vinnie---Well, I'm not sure about an angel, but I do know God was with me when I was doing my rounds.

Lu Chen---Will someone please tell me what’s going on?

Vinnie---Well, I went pass the Elmer house early this morning and I saw smoke and flames in the back of the house.

Lu Chen---Oh my goodness! What happened?

Vinnie--- Well, I called the fire department and said a prayer. Then I had to break a window to get into the house. Just as I got to the top of the stairs, Mr. Elmer came out and I helped him, his wife and the kids down the stairs. I grabbed all the coats and boots under the coat rack. I got every one into my car just as the fire department got there.

MARTHA---It was a good thing that God sent you there just at the right time.

Vinnie---It’s too bad, the house was damaged very badly.

Lu Chen---My goodness, that’s terrible!

Martha---I am sure God did send an angel to look over everyone, and I’m glad to know that Spike does listen in Children’s Church, even if he does get them a little mixed up.

Vinnie---That’s good!

Martha---Well, I need to get home now.

LU CHEN---Here you go Mrs. Jones. Have a nice evening.

Vinnie---It was nice to see you again Martha. Tell Spike I said ‘hello’.

LU CHEN—Bye now…

Martha---Take care.

Vinnie---Well, I need to get back to my rounds. Bye, bye!