©2011 Chuck Hendrickson

Characters: Grandma Lucy, Sally & Bananas


Grandma Lucy: (humming)

(Sally comes in with head down)

Grandma Lucy: Oh hi Sally. How are you my dear?

Sally: (not very convincingly) Okay, I guess.

Grandma Lucy: You sound a little upset darling. What seems to be the problem?

Sally: Well, today at school we watched a movie which said we evolved from monkeys. I thought God made us! Iím confused.

Grandma Lucy: Oh, You must have watched a movie about Darwinís theory of evolution.

Sally: Yeah, that was the movie we watched. What is a theory and what is revolution?

Grandma Lucy: Well, Charles Darwinís theory of evolution was one manís guess on how humans came to be on the earth. Darwin thought that we started out as a simple cell and eventually changed into monkeys and then we slowly over time became humans.

Bananas: Did someone say monkey. Iím a monkey, and a handsome one I might add.

Grandma Lucy: I was just telling Sally that Charles Darwin thought that we were monkeys before we were human.

Bananas: Ooooeeeehahahahahaha, thatís the funniest thing I ever heard. Ooooeeehaaaaaa, you donít even have any fur. (Bananas looks all over Sally and Grandma) I donít even see a tail. Even a banana brain like me wouldnít believe that.

Grandma Lucy: Okay monkey.

Sally: But, but, It was in our history book at school.

Grandma Lucy: Well, there are a lot of books that will tell you lots of things, but there is only one book that is completely true.

Bananas: Oh oh oh, I know that one! Itís the dictionary!

Sally: What? Even I know thatís not right!

Grandma Lucy: Well monkey, itís the Bible. Thatís the one book that we as Christians can use if we have questions about who we are and where we came from.

Sally: But, what if I have a hard time finding the answer in the Bible.

Bananas: Yeah, although I may look like a smart handsome monkey, I never learned to read. So how can I find answers in the Bible?

Grandma Lucy: Thatís easy. If youíre having a hard time understanding something in the Bible or you donít know how to read yet, you can ask your pastor at church and he or she can help you find the answer in the Bible for you.

Sally: Thank you Grandma Lucy. Iím so glad I talked to you. I feel a lot better knowing that I can always look in my Bible when I have questions.

Grandma Lucy: Thatís very good Sally.

Sally: I like to read my Bible everyday.

Grandma Lucy: You should always take time to read your Bible or have someone read it to you everyday. The more you read the bible the more you will remember what the Bible tells us.

Sally: Well, thanks again Grandma Lucy. Iíd better get going. I have to help my mom bake some pies today.

(Bananas leans up against Sally)

Bananas: You wouldnít be making any banana cream pies would you?

Sally: I think weíre making, um let me see, um pumpkin, and cherryÖ

Bananas: Yeah! Yeah! What else? (Bananas is shaking)

Sally: Um pecan, and yep banana cream pie!

Bananas: (Bananas is moving all over the place in excitement) Bananas, bananas, bananas, my name is Bananas and I just love bananas! (Bananas moves close to Sally) Can I eatÖ um, I mean can I help you make some pies?

Sally: Well, my mom wonít let me bring any animals home. We already have two dogs and a cat.

Bananas: I bet she would let you bring me if you told her what a handsome monkey I am.

Sally: I donít think my mom would like it even though you are, um such a handsome monkey.

Bananas: Iím also potty trained.

Sally: Iím sorry Bananas

Mrs. Bananas: (off stage) Bananas! You better get your furry self back here and help me clean this tree out!

Bananas: Uh oh, I better get going before the wife puts me on the F.B.Iís list for ĎMonkeys Most Wantedí. See ya. (Exits)

Sally: Phew, that was close! I donít think my mom would have liked me bringing a banana crazed monkey home.

Grandma Lucy: I think youíre right. Letís go before he comes back.

(Grandma Lucy and Sally hurry out)

Bananas: (enters) Hey, now, whereíd they go? Hmmm! I have been bananaboozled.

Mrs. Bananas: (off stage) Bananas!!

Bananas: Uh oh! (Bananas looks back and forth and hurries out).