©2011 Chuck Hendrickson


(Veronica and Sally enter then Molly, Priscilla and Poncho)

Veronica: Hi Sally.

Sally: Hi Veronica.

Veronica (gets closer to Sally) Hey, did you hear that rumor about that kid Poncho Rodriquez?

Sally: What rumor?

Veronica: Well, I heard when he lived in Mexico he used to be in a gang. He did lots of mean things to people.

Sally: Really, who told you that?

Veronica: I heard it from a good source. My friend told me and she heard it from her friend who heard it from her girl friend down the street, who heard it from her older sister.

Sally: Whoa, I didnít think he could do something like that. Iím going to stay away from him.

(Molly comes in)

Molly: Hi Sally. Hi Veronica. What are you talking about?

Sally: Veronica just told me that Poncho Rodriquez used to be in a gang and he used to do mean things to people.

Molly: Thatís a lie! I donít believe it. Poncho is my friend. He would never do that.

(Priscilla comes in)

Priscilla: Hi Veronica. Hi Sally. Hi Molly. Whatís wrong?

Molly: Veronica is telling people that Poncho was in a gang and that he did mean things to people.

Priscilla: Why would you do that?

Veronica: My friend told me and she heard it from her friend, who heard itÖ oh never mind!

Priscilla: I donít think Poncho would ever do anything like that. I bet if we ask him he would tell us if he was never in a gang. I just saw him. Letís go ask him.

Veronica: Hmm, I think I hear my mother calling me. I better get going. Bye. (Veronica hurries out.)

(Poncho comes in)

Priscilla; Here comes Poncho right now. Hi Poncho.

Poncho: Hola Priscilla and my new amiga Molly. How are you today?

Molly: (Molly looks at Sally and then at Poncho) Hi Poncho. Veronica has been telling people you were in a gang and you did mean things to people. Is that true?

Poncho: No way man! I would never do that. I know as a Christian Iím not supposed to do bad things like that.

Molly: See, I told you Sally.

Sally: Iím sorry Poncho. I should have asked you first before I believed that rumor.

Poncho: Well, thatís okay. I forgive you. Sometimes people make up things about others because they are mad at them. And some people talk about others because they donít know them.

Sally: How do you know if what someone says about another person is the truth?

Priscilla: You can usually tell a persons character by the way he or she acts. You should never be a part of talking about others. If you want to know about someone, you should be friendly and ask questions yourself.

Sally: Oh, Iím really sorry Poncho. Iím going to talk to Veronica the next time I see her and tell her to stop telling lies about you.

Poncho: No problem Sally. Thank you. I better go and tell my other amigos that, that the rumors about me are not true. See ya. (Poncho leaves)

Sally: Iím sorry Molly and Priscilla for believing that rumor about your friend. Iím going to talk to Veronica right now!

Priscilla: Why donít the three of us go talk to her?

Molly: Yeah, letís go.

(They all leave)