©2010 Mike Competillo


(Gang of puppets enter together)

Veronica: Hey, do you two want to go mess around with us?

Priscilla: I don't know. What are you going to do?

Veronica: Uh, maybe just a little shoplifting and stuff.

Sally: Shoplifting? What's that?

Priscilla: You know that's another name for stealing.

Sally: Oh my. I don't know about that.

Veronica: And you know, maybe throw some other people's stuff around like their bags and stuff, just for fun.

Sally: Oh, well, I don't think so.

Priscilla: We're not going with you and we're not going to do any of those kinds of things! That's not right.

Sally: Yeah, I guess we're not going with you. Thanks, anyway.

Veronica: Letís go. You guys arenít any fun.

(All exit except Sally and Priscilla)

Priscilla: What are you doing? It sounded like you were about to go along with those bullies.

Sally: They're not that bad. They just don't know much about what's right and what's wrong.

Priscilla: Well girl, I think you need to be more careful too.

Sally: Well, I don't know. I just go along with things so I don't make waves or bother anybody else's ideas.

Priscilla: Listen, you need to learn to be strong in the Lord. Doing bad stuff never brings you any joy that lasts.

Sally: Well, how do I get this joy you're talking about?

Priscilla: Always remember, it says in Nehemiah, the joy of the Lord is our strength.

Sally: Well, what sort of things bring you joy, anyway?

Priscilla: That's easy. Try doing something nice for other people. It says in Proverbs, Happy is he who is kind to the needy.

Sally: Oh, gee, you seem like you are such a strong Christian. I could never be as strong as you.

Priscilla: Oh sure you can. Remember to put on the whole armor of God. Then you'll be ready for battle against the evil one.

Sally: The armor of God, yeah. I'll have to remember that. Then we can push those bullies around instead of being pushed around by them. I'll show ĎemÖ

Priscilla: Now wait a minute! Remember not to become proud!

Sally: What's that?

Priscilla:Keep your attitude the same as Christ Jesus. The bible tells us to battle evil with good.

Sally: Oh. I see.

Priscilla:We need to submit ourselves to God. Then everything will work out right.

Sally:Gee, Iím sure glad I have you for a friend.

Priscilla:Hey, isnít that Veronica over there with the police?

Sally:Yeah, she looks like she is gonna get in trouble.


The End