Edited by Mike Competillo

(Tony and Larry Kelly enter together)


TONY---Hi Mr. Kelly

MR.KELLY- Hello there, Tony. How are you today?

TONY---Well I wonder if you have a few minutes to talk to me.

MR. KELLY--- Sure, Tony. What can I help you with?

TONY—Well, I went to class with a friend of mine and his older brother. It was at the church. They were talking about the apostle Peter and about the time when Jesus died on the cross. I didn’t understand some of the things they were talking about.

MR KELLY--- I can help you with that but, I will have to know what you don’t understand.

TONY--- They said that Peter told some people 3 times, that he didn’t even know Jesus. Is that true?

MR KELLY--- It is a sad thing but, yes, it is true. But why does that confuse you?

TONY--- Well then they talked about a lot of people being in a room and that there was a lot of wind in the room. How can that happen if they were inside? Did they have a window open?

MR.KELLY--- They were talking about the day that all the people in the room received the Holy Spirit.

TONY--- They did say something about that but then they said that peoples’ hair was on fire. Didn’t that hurt them?

MR KELLY--- (laughing)   Oh, I see why you would be confused. Well, the tongues of fire that they saw over their heads was sent by the Holy Spirit as a sign that they had received the Holy Spirit and they were all talking in a language other than their own.

TONY---Wow, but what did that have to do with Peter and why was he there if he said he didn’t know Jesus?

MR KELLY--- Well you see Tony, Peter was sorry that he lied and he asked God for forgiveness for that. Later that day, Peter preached a very serious sermon telling every one that Jesus was the true king and that every one should worship him and do as he asked them to do.

TONY— Oh, I get it. Peter went from telling every one that he didn’t know Jesus to telling everyone he did know Jesus, and that he loved him very much.

MR. KELLY— That’s right Tony,

When you are filled with the Holy Spirit, your life changes. You want to be close to Jesus and tell others about him.

TONY--- Thank you Mr. Kelly for taking time to explain that to me. Now I understand what they were talking about.  I have to go now. See you later.

MR KELLY---Bye, bye Tony .


The End