ĎLiberty And Justice For Allí

©2008 Mike Competillo


(Scene happens just outside a school classroom door. If there is an easy way to show a classroom separate from the hallway, this can be shown. Otherwise, the first few voices should be said offstage.)

(Greg enters then Veronica, then Martha Jones)


WHOLE CLASS: ...one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

Tony:Excuse me Mrs. Jones, what does indivin-sible mean?

MRS. JONES: Indivisible means not able to be broken apart or separated or divided.

GREG: †† Mrs. Jones, may I please step just outside the classroom door to put up a notice on the student activities


MRS. JONES: Make it fast, class is about to begin.


VERONICA:†† Hi Greg, whatís up?

GREG:††† (shyly) Oh, hi, Veronica, just puttiní up a new notice on the board.

VERONICA:†† Whatís it about? Huh? (Pause)

An after-school Bible study? You canít put that sort of thing up there?

GREG: Why not?

VERONICA:†† Itís not right! Youíre kind of pushing your views and opinions onto other people.

GREG:You mean my lifestyle?

VERONICA: Yeah, why it just isnít...

GREG: Veronica, what about this one here?

VERONICA: The Harry Potter Club?

GREG: Yeah! Wouldnít you call that a lifestyle?

VERONICA: Yeah but thatís not....

GREG: What about this one? Gay issues and ideas?

VERONICA: Well, I donít care about that...

GREG: Arenít they telling about their lifestyle?

VERONICA: Well, I guess they are.

GREG: Veronica, today weíre gonna talk about George Washington in our bible study. Did you know he once said, ďDonít let anyone call himself a true American Patriarch if he tries to separate religion from politics.Ē?

VERONICA: Really? I didnít know that.

GREG: Itís the truth.

(From classroom in background)

Poncho: But why are we supposed to say, ďOne nation under God...Ē in school?

VERONICA: Well, isnít the Bible just a bunch of old ideas and stuff that doesnít really matter anymore to people of this day and age?

GREG: Veronica, did you know that it says in the bible that anyone who believes in Jesus and does what He says will have everlasting life?


GREG: And in Proverbs it says you can have the understanding of God.


GREG: Now what about freedom of the press, Veronica? Isnít that a right we all believe in? (Pause) So you see, my poster has just as much right to be there as the others.

You know Veronica; there are many people out there who really want to take away our freedoms.

VERONICA: Kind of like the Christmas tree not being allowed on the town property?

GREG: Exactly! And the Christmas tree is really just a pagan symbol. It really has nothing to do with Jesus.

VERONICA: Where does your bible study meet?

GREG: In room 301 right after school.

MRS. JONES: (enters) Whatís going on out here? And whatís this? (Pause) Bible Study?†† (Tears it off the board and crumples it) Get back in class.

GREG: Yes Mrs. Jones. (Exits)

VERONICA: Hello Mrs. Jones.

MRS. JONES: Hi Veronica. You need to run along now to your own classroom.

VERONICA: Iím on my way. (Stops) You know Mrs. Jones... I think our nation is falling apart

bit by bit.

MRS. JONES: Now why would you say that, Veronica?

VERONICA: ďLiberty and justice for all...Ē (She exits)

(Mrs. Jones turns toward the audience momentarily then (exits)