ĎTrusting God Through Your Fearsí

©2010 Elaine Seltzer

Edited by Mike Competillo

(Greg and Tony enter together)



Greg- Hi Tony!

Tony- Oh Hi Greg!

Greg- What are you doing today?

Tony- Well, first I have to do some errands for mom. Then I guess I can play the rest of the afternoon.

Greg- Thatís great! Would you like to come over to my house and play some games?

Tony- Sounds good to me, but are you sure you want to get beat?

Greg- Yeah right! I accept the challenge!

Tony- Alright then, But Greg, I have to get going Ďcause my mom said she needed me to get home right away.

Greg- How about if I walk with you? Is that alright?

Tony- Sure! (They move like theyíre walking)

Greg- So, are you ready for Sunday night?

Tony- (hesitates) WellÖIím not sure!

Greg- Whatís the matter?

Tony- Are you sure we really need to do this?

Greg- Tony! Yes, we have to do it. The bible says that when we get saved the next step is to get water baptized. Donít tell me youíre afraid.

Tony- Well, I wouldnít say Iím afraidÖ butÖ.

Greg- But what?

Tony- I just donít like the idea of them putting me all the way down, under the water.

Greg- Itís really not that bad. Itís all over before you know it.

Tony- Donít they push you down backwards? Iím not sure about that.

Greg- Why not?

Tony- I donít like water getting up my nose.

Greg- Gee Tony, I didnít realize you were afraid to get baptized.

Tony- Iím not afraid, I justÖ

Greg- Ödonít like the idea of them putting you all the way down, under the water.

Both- Right.

Tony- Greg, youíre not going to tell anybody, are you?

Greg- How about if you allow me to tell only One Person.

Tony- Well, who do you want to tell?

Greg- How about if I talk to God about it? We can pray and ask God to take the fear away. Also ask your parents to pray with you.

Tony- Oh yeah, thanks Greg. I didnít even think about itÖ. Him.

Greg- Remember Tony that God is always just a prayer away and He wants to help us, if we just take the time to listen.