Snowballs II

©2010 Mike Competillo


Buddy:†† Well, it's time to visit with my good friends, Spike and Butch....

Hmmmmmm.... I wonder where they are......

It seems the last time I saw them, they were acting very mysteriously.

I wonder if I should go looking for them.....

(Spike and Butch enter together, slowly from the other end of the stage)

Well! There you two are! Is something the matter?

Butch:†† Hi there Buddy, um... Spike and I just... we wanted you to know.... how sorry we are.

Buddy:†† (looking around) Oh? What happened?

Spike:†† See, I told you he wouldn't even know if we didn't say anything.

Buddy:†† Know what?

Butch:†† Spike, we agreed!

Spike:†† Yeah, I know. But you didn't have to be so pushy about it!

Butch:†† I'm not being pushy!

Buddy:Boys, will someone please tell me what's going on?

(they hang their heads low and say nothing)


Butch:†† I guess can tell you Buddy. Do you remember last month when our parents called us to come home?

Buddy:†† I think so.

Butch:†† Well, we got into trouble.

Buddy:†† What sort of trouble.

Spike:†† We were just throwing snowballs at some cars. It wasn't any big deal.

Buddy:†† Spike! That is a big deal.

Spike:†† Yeah, that's what everybody says.

Buddy:†† Well, you know you could break a window or cause someone to have an accident.

Spike:†† Yeah...

Buddy:†† And besides, that really is being disrespectful of other people and their cars.

Spike:†† But, we were having so much fun.

Buddy:†† But what if someone did have an accident because of you. That wouldn't be much fun now then, would it.

Spike:†† Yeah, I guess you're right.

Butch:†† We're sorry Buddy We felt it was the right thing to do, to come and tell you about it.

Buddy:†† Well, I'm glad you did. Just don't get the idea to do something like that again. I'd hate to see you boys get into worse trouble.

Hey, if you want to have fun with snowballs, letís go have a snowball war!

Both: Yeah!

Spike:†† That's sounds like fun!

Butch:†† I'm going to make a snow fort and make lots of snowballs.

Spike: ††I'm gonna make one bigger than yours!

(they exit)

Buddy: Remember to bring your barrels in next week with your spare change for the missionaries, boys and girls. Hey you guys, I'm coming too!