Snowballs 1

©2010 Mike Competillo


Spike:   Quick Butch, over here!

Butch:   Spike, why won't you listen to me?

Spike:  What do they know? We're safe now!

Butch:   But Spike, that's what I've been trying to tell you!

Spike:   Ha ha, did you see the look on the face of that guy?

Butch:   Spike, we should never have been throwing those snow balls at cars.

Spike:   Ah, what are you  worrying about? He'll never find us here.

Butch:   But Spike, he already has...

Spike:   What do you mean?

Butch:   It was one of the teachers from school.

Buddy:   Hi guys, how's it goin' today?

Spike:   Ugh, hi Buddy.

Butch:   Hello… Buddy.

Buddy:   So what are you guys up to today?

Spike:   How did you find out......? Um, I mean ah, oh.... nothing.

Buddy:   What's that, Spike?

Spike:   Ah nothing.


Buddy:   Is there something going on that you're not telling me?

Butch:   Um....

Spike:   Um....

Buddy:   Boys! What's going on?

Butch:   We can't tell you, Buddy.

Buddy:   Well, why not?


Buddy:   Oh, I get it! It's a secret.

Spike:   Ye...ye..yeah. That's it...

Buddy:   Oh I get it. You boys were talking about something personal?

(boys turn to one another with jaw open)

Both:  Yeah!

Buddy:   That's okay. I understand.


Buddy:   So, what have you been doing lately?


Spike:   I don't know, Buddy.

Martha: (offstage) Spike!

Spike:   Uh oh!

Butch:   (whispering) See I told you!

Spike:   Quiet, Butch.

Martha:  Spike! Come here right now! I need to speak with you.

Buddy:   Spike, you need to answer your mother.

Spike:   Um, yeah mom. I'll be right there. Buddy, I need to go.

Buddy:   That's alright. And remember your barrel next week.

Spike:   Ummmmm, yeah. Bye now. (exits)

Buddy:   So, Butch... Spike seemed a little nervous. What's bothering him?

Dad:   Butch, where are you?

Butch:  Over here, (gulp) dad.

Dad:  Come over here. I need to speak to you.

Butch:   O.....okay dad. Um, I have to go now, Buddy. Bye bye. (exits)

Buddy:   Whew, what's with those boys? Hmm. remember the missionaries who are counting on your help, boys and girls. See you with your barrels, next week.