‘Flying 2’

©2009 Elaine Seltzer

Edited by Mike Competillo


(Characters: Buddy, Spike & Butch)



BUTCH---Hi buddy, How are you today?

SPIKE---Hi everyone.  What’s up?

BUDDY BARREL---Well Spike we just got here.

BUTCH--- Spike, why are you still wearing that shirt?

BUDDY BARREL---Yeah Spike, why are you still wearing it? You said you had given up the idea of being a super hero.

SPIKE—Don’t get so excited. I’m not trying to be a hero.  I got my Mom to buy this shirt and now I need to wear it so the money doesn’t go to waste.

BUTCH—But everyone knows that ‘S’ stands for ‘superhero’

SPIKE--Did you forget that my name starts with an S?

BUTCH---Oh that’s right. Sorry about that.

BUDDY BARREL---So you have given up the idea of flying?

SPIKE---Well, not really….


BUTCH---Oh Spike what are you thinking? You know people can’t fly.

BUDDY BARREL--- What is going on with you?

SPIKE---It’s okay guys, I just mean that I decided that when I grow up I want to be a pilot.

BUTCH---Wow, that’ll mean a lot of school for you!

SPIKE---I know, but my Dad says that the only way to get what you want is with hard work.

BUDDY BARREL---That’s right Spike. But if you want to do it badly enough, you can do it!

BUTCH—(sarcastically) Good luck!

SPIKE---Mom said if I pray and ask God to help me I can do it.

BUDDY BARREL---That’s right! With God, you can do anything. Well boys and girls don’t forget to bring your buddy barrels next week.  Goodbye for now and see you next month!