‘Baby Brother’

©2009 Chuck Hendrickson

Edited by Mike Competillo

(Little Molly and Sally Anne enter together)


Little Molly: La la la la la

Sally Anne: You sound like you’re really happy, Molly.

Little Molly: I am very happy!

Sally Anne: What’s making you so happy?

Little Molly: Well, my mommy just had a baby boy, and now I’m a big sister!

Sally Anne: That sounds okay, but aren’t you afraid that your mom and dad will love your new brother more than they do you?

Little Molly: Well (pause) I was at first, but I asked my mommy and daddy if they will love my new brother more than me, and they said they love my new brother the same as they love me.

Sally Anne: What about your toys. Aren’t you afraid you’ll have to share your toys with him?

Little Molly: That is one of my big sister responsibilities. Some of my toys are too small for my new brother to play with. He might put them in his mouth and choke on ‘em, so mommy and daddy said I need to put my toys up when I’m not playing.

Sally Anne: Well, what about when he gets older, then he’ll get into your stuff and break your toys.

Little Molly: Nope! I'm going to be a good big sister and show him how to share and take care of his toys; and mine when he plays with them. We’re going to have lots of fun together!

Sally Anne: I still think that doesn’t sound very fun because now you have to do more around the house, because your mommy and daddy are busy with your new brother.

Little Molly: I love to help my mommy and daddy, especially with the baby, sometimes mommy lets me hold him, but only if mommy is there too. Sometimes I even get to help mommy feed him!

Sally Anne: Doesn’t all the crying hurt your ears?

Little Molly: No, we get used to it; besides, the only time he cries is when he wants something like food, or drink, or mommy.

Sally Ann: I guess it does sound a little fun.

Little Molly: My baby brother is lots of fun! Sometimes when daddy and I are playing with him, he makes funny noises with his mouth.  And he makes bubbles with his mouth when mommy feeds him.

Sally Anne: Wow, I guess I was wrong; it sounds like being a big sister is lots of fun!

Little Molly: You haven’t heard the best thing about being a big sister.

Sally Anne: What’s that?

Little Molly: Well, since I’m the older sister, and I already know about God and the bible, and about being a Christian, my mommy and daddy said  that I need to help them teach my baby brother about what it means to be a Christian.

Sally Anne: That sounds hard. How are you going to do that?

Little Molly: It’s pretty easy! All I have to do is show him how a Christian behaves. I can do that by showing him how I share and how I listen to mommy and daddy… …and how I pray to God.

Sally Anne: Wow! You’re lucky! I can’t wait ‘til my mommy and daddy get me a baby brother or sister so I can be a big sister too.

Little Molly: Maybe you can come over sometime and see my new baby brother.

Sally Anne: That sounds like fun, but right now I’m going home to ask my mom and dad if they can ask God for a baby so I can be a big sister.

Little Molly: Okay, bye Sally.

Sally Anne:   Bye Molly. Hmmmmmm ‘does sound like fun…. (Running out) Mommy, Daddy!