‘Sally Port’

©2009 Mike Competillo


(This script requires a lesson the week before describing the ‘way to salvation’ as the ‘Port’, or the way of escape from temptations when living for Christ)


Characters: Priscilla, Grandma Lucy, Sally, Veronica, Padro, Tony, Greg


Priscilla:   I think it's a pretty interesting story.

Grandma: You never heard about Jacob's ladder before?

Priscilla:   No. It's so amazing that he saw angels going up and down to heaven.

Grandma: That was in his dream. Well thank you girls.

Priscilla:     I need to get home right away, Grandma. (exits)

Sally:  I wonder why she was in such a hurry.

Grandma: I believe she has to go to the store in a little while. Thank you, Sally so much for coming over to help me rake all the leaves in the yard.

(Veronica enters)

Sally:  You're welcome, Grandma Lucy. I love you.

Grandma: That's my little angel. I love you too. Bye now. I'm going inside.(exits)

Sally:  Bye, bye! Oh hi Veronica. Can you stay and play with me?

Veronica: I... was going to.... but I just remembered something I was supposed to do.

Sally:  Ah, too bad. What do you have to do?

Veronica:  Um, I have to go. See ya. (exits quickly)

Sally: Hmm... that was strange. I wonder what's up with her. Oh well. I guess I'll go and get my dolly. (Exits. Padro and Tony enter)

Padro:   Is so nice to be in your class.

Tony:  I really like our teacher.

Padro:   Me too. What you know about little girl with name Sally?

Tony:  I don't know. She's just one of the girls in town. Why are you asking me?

Padro:   I hear of story of a secret door.

Tony:  What's that? A secret door to what?

Padro:   (looking from side to side) Shhhhhhhh!!!!

(Sally enters but Padro doesn't see her at first)

You know. Is very... very... secret.

Tony:  Oh here she is right here. You wanted to know...

Padro:   (leaves in a panic) Ah, oh no! I must go....

Tony:  Padro, what's the matter? (looks at her) That's really odd.

Sally: (is shaken and runs out) Grandma!

Tony:     I wonder what got into them. I know some guys are afraid of girls and I guess some girls are afraid of boys, but this is...

Veronica:  (enters) Hi there, Tony! How are you?

Tony:  Hi...uh... you're the new girl in town right?

Veronica:  I've been living here for months now! Why does everyone keep saying I'm new? (looking into the air shaking her head)

Tony:  Oh, sorry. I don't remember your name.

Veronica:  It's Veronica!

Tony:  Oh,   hi Veronica. You know, the strangest thing just happened. Padro just ran off for no reason, when he saw that little girl, Sally Anne.

Veronica:  (gasp) You mean she was here?

Tony:  Yeah. What's the deal?

Veronica:  (shocked) You're kidding! You'll never believe it!

Tony:  What? Believe what?

Veronica:  Did you ever hear that there is a secret gateway to heaven?

Tony:  What?

Veronica:  Yeah! I heard a rumor and you must promise never to tell...

Tony:  Wait a minute. Padro was just talking about that and ran off like he had just seen a ghost!

Veronica:  I wonder.... Oh my goodness... We were just reading in Hebrews the other day, about angels, who pretend to be humans! Could it be?

Tony:  I wish someone would tell me what's going on!

Veronica:  That's it!

Tony:  What's it?

Veronica:  Sally is really an angel in secret!

Tony:  What? Are you sure you know what you're talking about?

Veronica:  That explains everything!

Tony:  Sally, an angel?

Veronica:  Don't you get it? The hidden door in Sally's bedroom; it’s a portal to heaven!

Tony:  What?

Veronica:  We learned about it in church... the "Sally port"!

(they exit, music up, Sally enters crying)

Greg:  What's going on here Sally? What's the matter?

Sally:  Nobody wants to play with me!

Greg:  (looking at audience) Haven't I heard this before? (looking at her) Why do you say that?

Sally:  It's true! Everytime someone sees me, they run the other way.

Greg:  Well that doesn't seem normal.

Sally:  It's true! Veronica saw me and ran the other way and so did everyone else.

Greg:  Come with me, Sally. I'll see what I can do to help get to the bottom of this. (music up, they exit)


(everyone enters talking all at once)

Greg:  Hey everyone! I just want to thank you all for coming out. It seems there must be a misunderstanding here. And so, for the sake of our friend Sally, who can tell me what's going on?

(Total silence)

Greg:  Tony! Please tells us what you know.

Tony:  Well, I uh... people have been talking about... angels.

Veronica:  I wanna know about that little door that you have in your bedroom.

Sally:  That's a door to our attic!


Padro:   Is the secret portal to heaven!

(louder murmurs)

Greg:  Alright, now quiet down everyone. There's no secret way to heaven.

Veronica:  I heard someone say that Sally is really an angel in secret!

(everyone gasps)

Tony:  Greg, don't you know about the... uh... secret 'sally port'?

Greg: Ahhh…The 'sally port', if you remember the lesson, is salvation through King Jesus, our only escape from certain spiritual death.

In every situation, there is a way to escape falling into sin. God will lead the way if we trust in Him.

Veronica:  So you're not really a secret angel?

Sally:  No way!

Greg:  The only way to heaven, Veronica is through Jesus.

Veronica:  I'm really sorry, Sally Anne. Will you still be my friend?

Sally:  Sure!

Veronica:  Let's go play! (They run off)

(Everyone murmurs and leaves except Tony and Greg)

Tony:  I guess it just goes to show, people can sometimes let their imagination run away on them!

Greg:  Yeah, Tony. It pays to read your bible daily!

Tony:  Yeah. Hey did you hear that Spike can fly?!

Greg:  Tony, don't listen to rumors! It isn't true!

(They exit)