©2009 Mike Competillo

Characters- Spike & Butch & Buddy Barrel


Spike: It’s almost Thanksgiving, yummy, yummy, I can taste that turkey already.

(Butch enters)

Butch: Hi Spike what are you doing?

Spike: I was just thinking about all the good food that I get to eat for Thanksgiving.

Butch: I love Thanksgiving; some of my family that lives far away comes to our house for Thanksgiving.

Spike: I don’t know if I would like that. There might not be enough turkey to go around. Someone might get my turkey drumstick before me.

Butch: Thanksgiving isn’t really about stuffing your face. It’s about family and how we should be thankful for what God has done for us. Besides, we’ve never run out of food on Thanksgiving before.

Spike: I thought Thanksgiving was about stuffing my face with lots of yummy food.

Butch: No, no Spike. You’re supposed to stuff the turkey, not your face. At dinnertime on Thanksgiving, my family and I go around the table telling what each of us are thankful for.

Spike: I would say I’m thankful for great big plates that I can fit all the turkey and gravy on.

Butch: Ah, no, no Spike. Some of us say how thankful we are for what God has done in our lives and some of us thank God for our health and for having mommies and daddies who love us. And, some even say thank you to God for loving us so much that He let Jesus die for us on the cross.

Spike: I see what you’re saying. Thanksgiving is about being thankful for what God has given us and letting God and our family know how thankful we are.

Butch: That’s right Spike. But did you know that you can thank God anytime and any day you want too.

Spike: Well, of course! I can?

Butch: Of course you can. All you have to do is pray whenever you want to talk to God. He is always there.

Spike: Oh yeah, I knew that!

Butch: Why don’t we pray to God right now and thank Him for all that He has given us.

Spike: Sure! You start.

Butch: Dear God, Spike and I thank You for all that You have given to us and thank You for Jesus who died on the cross for our sins. Thank You for our families too.

Spike: …and for the wonderful food.

Butch: Yes God, we thank you for the good food too, In Jesus name, amen.

Spike: Amen.

Butch: Well, we better get home Spike.

Spike: Yep, (sniff sniff sniff) I think I smell turkey cooking already.

Butch: See you Spike, bye bye.

Spike: Bye.

Buddy: Hi guys……ah, where did everybody go? Those boys must be off to get their barrels filled for next week, I’m sure of it!