‘Larry Kelly & Henry Baxter’

©2009 Mike Competillo


(Characters: Larry Kelly, Henry Baxter, Luigi Paccarelli, Bananas)

(Props: none)

(Larry Kelly and Henry Baxter enter from opposite sides of the stage and move toward one another)

Henry:   Why, if it isn't Mr. Larry Kelly! How ya been Larry?

Larry: Hey there Henry Baxter! I'm fine thank you.

Henry:   How are things goin' at the school?

Larry: Oh we're keeping busy I can assure you.

Henry:   Them there kids still runnin' around the classroom these days?

Larry: Ah now Henry, it's not like it was when we were in school.

Henry:   Why you didn't dare move out o' your seat without first puttin' your hand up, and first gettin' called on by the teacher.

Larry: Well, how are things on the farm at this time of the year?

Henry:   I got my crop in if that's what ya mean.

Larry: Good, good, so what did you grow this year?

Henry:   Corn and lots of hay as usual.

Larry: Good, ah huh!

(Bananas runs in carrying a piece of pizza and bumps into the others while

making noises, gets a little disoriented while Luigi enters.)

Luigi:  There you are, you little creature! Now hold it right there, while I bop you on the head!

(Bananas moves from side to side on the other side of Henry & Larry making monkey noises and finally running off stage)

Luigi:  Oh there he goes again! I never catch up to him.

Henry:   Well hello there, you must be new in town.

Luigi:  Yes my name is Luigi Pacarelli.

Henry:   How do you do, Luigi. I'm Henry Baxter and this here is Larry Kelly, one of our school teachers.

Luigi:  Pleased to meet you both. Oh that monkey drives me bananas!

Larry: What happened?

Luigi:  I sell pizza at the new restaurant on the corner and he come in and take some!

Henry:   Ah, one of the families in town got that monkey for a pet. I've caught him running around some of my fields. I run the big farm on the hill.

Luigi:  Well, where I come from, stealing is not right.

(nodding and agreeing)

Henry:   That's for sure!

Larry: Oh, no. We're with you there.

Henry:   Right! That's right.

Luigi:  Is a pleasure meeting you both. I must get back to my work now.

Larry: Well it was pleasure meeting you too.

Henry:   Awfully sorry that there monkey was showing you such hostility. We’ll have to see if we can find out who owns that monkey!

Luigi:  Okay, bye bye now. (Exits)

Henry:   Hope to see you again soon.

Larry: Take care now.

Henry:   (Turns toward Larry) Well Larry, must be gettin' back to work myself.

Larry: Me too, Henry. Have a might fine day!

Henry:   You too.

Larry: So long.

Henry:   Bye now!

(They exit)