©2009 Mike Competillo


(Spike and Butch enter first)


Butch:     Hi Spike.

Spike:      Hi Butch.

Butch:     What's that you have hanging down on your back of you?

Spike:      Oh, that's my cape!

Butch:    your cape?

Spike:      Yeah, you know! Like Superman.

Butch:     Oh.

Spike:      Yeah, I was watching tv and...

Buddy:    (enters) Hi guys! How's it goin'?

Spike:      Oh, hi Buddy.

Butch:     Hi Buddy. Spike was just telling me about his cape. (Buddy looks)

Buddy:    I see. Um, are you pretending to be a super hero?

Spike:      Well, not really, but... Ya see, I was thinking that just maybe if I, um...

Buddy:    What are you thinking of, Spike?

Spike:      Well, I was wondering about, you know learning how to fly!

Butch: (laughs slightly) You mean like Superman?

Buddy:    I see, and just how do you think you can fly?

Spike:      Well, you know Superman wears a cape and that makes him able to fly.

Buddy:    I guess it does, doesn't it. TV! (not taking him seriously)

Butch:   Hey Buddy, can I speak to you for a moment?

Buddy:    Why sure, Butch. What is it? (They move off to one side turning toward one another)

Spike:      (to himself) Well, if I can just get a running start to get enough speed.

Butch:     Buddy, Um, I think you need to do something about Spike.

Buddy:    Why's that?

Butch:     Well he's been known to try some crazy things in the past.

Spike:      Now, if I can just work up the courage...(starts shaking)

Buddy:    Oh dear. Hey, ah Spike! (moving to the other side of him or holding him back) You weren't thinking of doing anything foolish, were you?

Spike: (looking intently in the direction he was looking) Just focus and believe.

Buddy:    Spike, hey Spike snap out of it!

Spike:      Hey what? (looking directly at Buddy, not moving)

Buddy:    Spike, come back to your senses! People can't fly.

Spike:      Peter walked on water, didn't he?

Buddy:    Well, but for a few seconds.... and then he began to fall.

Spike:      (turns looking downward) Oh man! That's right! I can't believe I almost....

Buddy:    Spike, God rarely allows for the laws of nature which He established to be broken. And more importantly, He says you shall not tempt the Lord your God!

Spike:      In other words, no messin' around? Or tryin' things?

Buddy:    Remember, Spike that it was the devil that tempted Jesus and told him to jump off the temple so angels could catch him!

Spike:      (reacts to the word devil) Oh my! I can't believe I almost.... thanks Buddy. What was I thinking?

Buddy:    You must be very careful these days with so many ideas out there trying to get people to do wrong things.

Butch:     Buddy, doesn't God bless us when we obey His spiritual laws and truths in the bible?

Buddy:    Exactly right, Butch.

Spike:      Thanks guys. And to think, I could have been dead meat!

Buddy:    Be careful to keep your mind on holy things, and think of the missionaries this week, who are counting on God's faithful people to give, so that they can tell others about God in other countries.

Butch:     I'm gonna get out my barrel and fill it up for next week, Buddy!

Spike:      Me too, and thanks again, Buddy!

(they exit)