©2009 Elaine Seltzer


Veronica- Grandma Lucy! Grandma Lucy! (very upset) Where are you?
Grandma Lucy- I'm right here Veronica, dear. You sound very upset, what's wrong?
Veronica- Mommy and Daddy aren't being fair.
Grandma Lucy- Tell me what happened.
Veronica- Well, Daddy told my brother that he would give him some money, if he’d help him, um, rake the leaves in the yard. And Mommy told me I had to pick up my room, and when I asked her if I was going to get paid, she said no!
Grandma Lucy- Well Veronica, aren't you supposed to keep your room cleaned at all times?
Veronica- Well... yeah, but it was a little messier than usual, because I had friends over.
Grandma Lucy- Well dear, the work that your brother was asked to do, was extra things that needed to be done. Your work was something that was expected of you. You should understand, that you don't get paid, for doing what you’re supposed to do.
Veronica- Even if my friends are the ones who made it messy? Well, I guess you’re right, but it’s unfair that I don't get money for extra work!
Grandma Lucy- Let's think about this. Do you remember a few days ago, when I was at your house, and I had devotions with your family?
Veronica- Yeah, but what does that have to do with this?
Grandma Lucy- I remember a scripture that your dad read, that said, we should do all things with a glad and joyful heart.
Veronica- Yeah I do, but it’s not fun cleaning up my messy room. How am I supposed to have a cheerful heart?
Grandma Lucy- I know you love Jesus, and want to make Him happy, so cleaning your room will make your mom happy. If you do it without complaining, I know that Jesus will be happy too.
Veronica- But I want extra money too!
Grandma Lucy- Well Veronica, if you really want to earn extra money, I have a job for you, if you want, after you’ve cleaned your room without complaining.
Veronica- Oh Grandma Lucy, thank you! Mmm, what do I have to do?
Grandma Lucy- Well, You and I are going to get my flower garden ready for winter. So, let's just say a prayer and ask God to help you have a cheerful heart.
Veronica- (leaving together) Grandma Lucy, you always know just the right thing to say. Thank you!
Grandma Lucy- I love you, Veronica.
Veronica- Love you too grandma!