©2009 Mike Competillo


(Buddy, Spike and Butch enter)


Buddy:    Hi Spike, hi Butch. How was your summer vacation?

Spike:      Good, and how about you Buddy Barrel?

Buddy:    Good Spike. What about you, Butch?

Butch:     Well, I guess most of the summer has been pretty good except a new family just moved into the neighborhood and I haven't been able to sleep very well.

Buddy:    Hmmm. What seems to be the problem, Butch?

Butch:     Well the mother just had a set of twin babies!

Spike:      Oh boy! Probably screamin' and cryin' all through the night, huh?

Butch:     Yeah!

Spike:      Boy I hate that!

Buddy:    Are they twin boys or twin girls?

Butch:     One's a boy and one's a girl!

Spike:      How do you know?

Butch:     I've seen them carrying them in and out of the house. One is all in blue and the other is dressed in pink!

Spike:      Hey Buddy, Why do people dress baby boys in blue and girls in pink?

Buddy:    Well, I ...uh. Hmmm, I...

Spike:   …Because they're too young to dress themselves! Ha ha....

Butch:     (laughs too)

Buddy:    That's a good one, Spike!

Spike:      Hey Butch, now that the nights are getting cooler, maybe you'll be able to sleep better by closing your window at night.

Butch:     Good idea!

Buddy:    Remember boys and girls to bring in your buddy barrels next week to help the missionaries.

Butch:     And close your windows when it's cool.

Spike:     Or when it's noisy too!

Buddy:    See you all next time!