Molly & Sally

©2009 Elaine Seltzer


SALLY---Hi Molly.

MOLLY---Hi Sally.

SALLY---Where are you going?

MOLLY--- I'm going to the store for my Mom. Part of her Mothers day present was a coupon book from my brother and me. One of the things in it was a note saying that I would run errands for her without complaining.

SALLY---Oh that sounds nice. We got our mom some flowers and we took her out for dinner. I made her two new pot holders. She said that she really liked them, because every time she used them, she would remember I had made them with love.

MOLLY---Thatís one of the reasons we had the idea of the coupon book . It was something that would last all year long. She said it was like Jesus promising us that he would always love us and we have that bible to remind us.

SALLY---I guess thatís true. My dad and brother are making her a flower garden. That was my brothersí gift. So she will have pretty flowers to look at until winter.

MOLLY--- I am glad itís finally warm. One thing my brother said he was glad about that there is only one more month of school. I 'm not sure I am happy about that. I like school.

SALLY---I do too. I guess most boys are like that. My brother is counting the days too. Well, I have to get home and finish cleaning my room. See ya. Bye.

MOLLY----Bye Sally. Have fun cleaning.