Lu Chen

(Lu Chen, then Priscilla enters)



LU CHEN----Let me see where that special sugar I need for the cookies is.Ah yes here it is.

PRISCILLA---(enters humming to herself) Hello?

LU CHEN---Well hello there little girl. What is your name?

PRISCILLA---Iím Priscilla Davenport. My mom sent me here to pick up our dinner.

LU CHEN---Ah yes. Itís right here. My name is Lu Chenóat your service!

PRISCILLA---Here you go. (Handing him the money)

LU CHEN--- (passes a package to her) And here you go, Priscilla!

PRISCILLA---Thank you. Hmmm, what smells so good?

LU CHEN--- Oh it might be the new flavored rice I am making. Or maybe itís some of the cookies I just baked.

PRISCILLA--- Well itís sure making me hungry. Did we order some of the new rice?

LU CHEN--- Yes you did. I hope you like it. I think that maybe spring is not too far away and that is why I am coming up with these new ideas.

PRISCILLA---Yeah, I can't wait for it to get warmer I really want to get outside to play and do all that fun summer stuff.

LU CHEN---Spring really is a new beginning for the earth. The trees get new leaves and the flowers start to bloom and the air is warm.

PRISCILLA---God sure did a good thing when he made the different seasons. The winter makes us really look forward to the warm weather. Well I better get this food home. Iím very hungry and I guess the rest if my family is too Goodbye Mr. Chen. See you soon.

LU CHEN--- Goodbye Priscilla. Have a nice day.