Buddy ‘Rewards 2’

©2009 Mike Competillo


(Characters: Buddy enters, then Spike, then Butch)


Buddy:    (singing) Oh a little bit here and a little bit there'll spread God's love everywhere. The gospel grows with help from me when I give to BGMC!

Spike:      Hi Buddy.

Buddy:    Oh hi Spike. I was just getting into the spirit of giving.

Butch:     (enters) Hi Spike, hi Buddy.

Buddy:    Hello there Butch.

Spike:      Yeah, hi Butch. Hey Buddy, I have a question.

Buddy:    Go ahead, what is it?

Spike:      Remember last month you said that we could earn the reward of a missionary if we help the missionaries, right?

Buddy:    Why yes, Spike. That's right.

Spike:      What if I where to help everybody in my church?

Butch:     You can't do that.

(They both look at Butch)

Spike:      Why not?

Butch:     Well that would be like cheating. Wouldn't it, Buddy?

Buddy:    Actually, no Butch. Spike is right. The bible says the greatest in the kingdom of heaven is the servant of all.

Spike:  See!

Butch:     Ah, but nobody can do that! (Pause) Can they?

Buddy:    Why not? Many churches have many areas of ministries.

Spike:  Sure, Butch.

Buddy:    God has gifted us all with gifts and abilities to be a blessing to one another.

Butch:     So I get it. God allows us to serve Him in ways we are gifted.

Spike:      And we can be helpers too, right?

Buddy:    Yep! You can be a helper in many different ways. Be a leader and be a helper! Remember to be used in those areas!

Spike:      How do you know if God wants to use you as a leader?

Butch:     Yeah, a leader of what?

Buddy:    God will show you, guys. All you need to do is look for needs and fill them.

Butch:     You mean like when the teacher needs us to be quiet and listen.

Buddy:    That's important too, Butch!

Spike:      Thanks Buddy. I'm learning something everyday it seems.

Butch:     Me too.

Buddy:    Good for both of you! Roll out those barrels!

Butch:     We will Buddy.

Spike:      We will!