©2009 Elaine Seltzer

(Characters: Martha and Sally enter together)

(Props: none)


MARTHA---Sally would you please come here for a minute?

SALLY---Yes mom, here I am.What did you want?

MARTHA---I was just wondering what you thought about the way we celebrated Easter last week.

SALLY---Well, it was different from other years when we always went hunting for eggs and toys.I guess we all learned that Easter is not really about candy and toys and new clothes and all that other stuff.

MARTHA---Were you upset because you didnít get a lot of candy and things?

SALLYó Well at first I was upset. But when dad explained that the real reason for Easter, I thought about it and it was okay.

MARTHA--- Well, we didn't take away all the candy. You each got a chocolate cross and a new bible.

SALLY---That was nice. I have had my old bible since I was four, so it was nice to get a new one.

MARTHA---Sally, what is the real reason we celebrate Easter?

SALLY---Is it to celebrate Jesus dying on the cross and rising back to life?

MARTHA---Thatís right. But do you remember why Jesus had to die?

SALLY---Is it because He took the punishment for all of our sins?

MARTHA---Very good, Sally. Always remember that.


MARTHA---Yes dear?

SALLY---It makes me sad to think of how they mistreated Jesus and that He had to suffer for us.

MARTHA---Me too. But always remember that He loves you and me and everyone so much that He was willing to do it so that we might believe in Him.

SALLY---Iím glad that we celebrate Jesusí life and I am sure He was happy too.

MARTHA---Well Sally Iím glad that you really understand the true meaning of Easter now. Well I have to get going and get dinner ready.

SALLY---Bye see you later.