Buddy ‘Rewards’

©2009 Mike Competillo

 (Buddy enters then Butch and Spike)


Buddy: Hi boys and girls! It's me, Buddy Barrel. I sure hope you all keep remembering to bring your barrels in each month to help the missionaries!

(Spike and Butch enter)

Buddy:    More people need to think about the missionaries who have traveled so far to tell others about the love of Jesus.

Butch:     Hi Buddy.

Spike:      Hi Buddy.

Buddy:    Hi Butch. Hi Spike. Are you guys working on your reward too?

Both:  Huh?

Buddy:    Your missionary reward!

Spike:      Buddy, we're not really missionaries.

Butch:     Yeah, we just do what we can to help spread the news about Him and bring in our barrels to help.

Spike:      Yeah.

Buddy:    Just as I thought!

Spike:      What?

Buddy:    You are working on your reward! Great job guys!

Butch:     But Buddy, haven't you heard what we said?

Buddy:    Oh, I have, but haven't you heard what Jesus said?

(Pause, while they look worried at each other)

Spike:      What was that, Buddy?

Butch:     Yeah, do you know something that we should know?

(Buddy tips his head toward the guys)

Spike:      What? What is it? (Looking worried and panicking)

Buddy:    Always remember that Jesus said that whoever gives a prophet so much as a drink of water, will earn a prophet's reward! Or an evangelist....

Butch:     (exclaiming) Or a missionary!!!

Buddy:    Right!!!

Spike:      Oh yeah, I get it!

Butch:     (cheering) Yippee! Woo hoo!

Spike:      Really?

Buddy:    Really!

Spike:      Wow! That's really neat!

Butch:     So just by giving money from our barrels means we'll get a missionary reward in heaven?

Buddy:    That's right!

Butch:     Wow, I can't wait to see what it is! Thanks Buddy! I'm gonna telling everyone who helps! (He exits)

Spike:      Yeah, thanks Buddy! (Exits)

Buddy:    And thank you boys and girls for all that you do too! You're surprise is yet to come! (Exits)

(Music bed)