©2009 Mike Competillo

(Characters: Henry Baxter, Patrick O’Reilly)

(Props: none)

HENRY--- Well, hello Patrick O'Reilly.

PATRICK--- Henry Baxter, how are you?

HENRY--- Mighty fine, thanks. Say, I went by your house a little while ago.


HENRY--- Why, yes. I see you have some green flags and funny green leaves in your windows.

PATRICK--- Ah, yes of course. Those are my[mee] shamrocks.

HENRY--- Green rocks, ya say?

PATRICK--- No, Shamrocks!

HENRY--- Oh, I follow ya.

PATRICK--- They’re up because I’m Irish. It‘s a special holiday for us Irish folk. We celebrate it every year. My grandparents still live in Ireland.

HENRY---I see, well. D’ya ever sees any o’ those little green people?

PATRICK--- No, because there is no such thing. That’s only a fairy tale.

HENRY--- Oh, really? I didn’t know fairies had green tails, ha!

PATRICK--- No, no, no! You mean Leprechauns!

HENRY--- Say what?

PATRICK--- Leprechauns!

HENRY--- Ah, no thanks. I like apricots, but I’m allergic to ‘em.

PATRICK--- Oh, okay. Well, people have told all kinds of stories down through the years. But they’re not really true.

HENRY--- Then I guess there really ain’t no pot o’ gold at the end of the rainbow, huh?

PATRICK--That’s right, Henry.

HENRY--- (chuckles) Ha, ha, yeah just a bunch-a o’ fables!

PATRICK--- But ya see, the truth of the matter is that God gave us the rainbow as a promise He would never destroy the whole earth by water again.

HENRY--- Well, that there story is a true story ‘cause it’s in the Holy Bible.

PATRICK--- That it is, man!

HENRY--- And the stories in the bible are true stories!

PATRICK--- For sure, for sure.

HENRY--- Now what about St. Patrick? Was he real?

PATRICK--- Yes he was real. He helped the Irish folk when they needed it and they were so very thankful. They started calling him Saint Patrick.

HENRY--- Must be pretty neat to be named after him.

PATRICK--- For sure, for sure, ha ha. Well, Henry I need to be on mee way.

HENRY--- Okay, Patrick. Be careful now, not to drive too fast on the freeway. I hear the troopers are out ticketing.

PATRICK--- A mighty fine day to ya! (he exits)

HENRY--- Bye! And thanks for sharing the stories. See ya’ll later. Hmm, I wonder why they named him after St. Patrick. (exits)