Buddy ‘Resolutions’

©2009 Mike Competillo


(Buddy, Spike and Butch enter)


Buddy:    Hi guys!

Spike & Butch: Hi Buddy!

Buddy:    Have you guys made any resolutions this year?

Butch:     What are resolutions?

Spike:      It’s plans for what they want to do in the new year, right, Buddy?

Buddy:    Well actually, Spike... a resolution is deciding to make a change in a person's life for the better.

Butch:     Like something that we do wrong?

Buddy:    Exactly! It's a good idea, but many people forget about resolutions after New Years Day.

Spike:      Well, I'm glad were talking about it then. Maybe it'll serve as a reminder.

Buddy:    Well, maybe for the grown ups here.

Butch:     I got an idea! I'm gonna put my dirty clothes where they go at the end of the day everyday instead of leaving them on the floor.

Buddy:    That's a great idea, Butch.

Butch:     Then I won't have as much to clean up on the weekends.

Buddy:    And you'll probably have more clothes washed and ready to wear too!

Butch:     Yeah!

Buddy:    How about you, Spike? Are you thinking of any resolutions for this year?

Spike:      Ah.... nah..... I don't feel like thinkin' about any.

Buddy:    Well just don't forget to bring in your barrel of change next week!

Spike:      Oh yeah! Um, I'll be here.

Butch:     Yeah me too, Buddy!

Buddy:      Okay.    See ya later!

Spike & Butch:     Bye, bye!