Buddy ‘Parents’

©2008 Mike Competillo

(Spike and Butch enter together, then Buddy, then Martha Jones and mom)


Spike:  Okay mom. I'll take out the garbage in just a minute

Butch:  Boy oh boy. I hate when they're always tellin' ya what to do.

Spike:  Yeah, do this, do that...

Butch:  I’d better let you go. Next thing you know they'll be telling you to clean your room.

Spike:  Shhhh don't be puttin' any thoughts in their head.

Martha Jones:  (offstage) Spike!

Spike:  Coming!

Butch:  Be seein' ya later, Spike.

Spike:  Yeah Butch, I'll see ya later. (He exits)

Buddy: (enters) Hi Butch.

Butch:  Hi Buddy Barrel.

Buddy:  Did I just hear Spike?

Butch:  Yeah Buddy, he had to go home to do a few chores.

Buddy:  I see. So Butch, what have you been up to?

Butch:   Oh nothing... just been feelin' a little... out of place.

Buddy:  What do you mean by that?

Butch:   Well, I don't know.

Buddy:  You mean you're not sure?

Butch:   No, I mean, I just feel a little funny talking about it.

Buddy:  Well, that's okay, Butch.

Butch:   Well no, Buddy. I can talk to you. It's just that sometimes it seems like parents are always telling us kids 'no' to things.

Buddy:  Like What?

Butch:   Well, like going trick or treating. They say we're going to church that night instead.

Buddy:  Oh Butch, there's going to be lots of kids here and a movie and lots of candy too.

Butch:   I know. Sometimes I just feel a little funny about it. You see, all the kids at school get dressed up and go out begging for candy.

Buddy:  I see. Can you think of any good reasons why your parents don't want you to do that?

Butch:   I don't know.

Buddy:  Did you ever think they may not trust strangers out there about what they might give you?

Butch:   Ah... no.

Buddy:  Did you ever think that they are concerned for your own safety?

Butch:   Um... no.

Buddy:  Did you ever think about how playing tricks on people who don't give you something is not a very Christian thing to do?

Butch:   I guess you're right, Buddy. I guess I just really didn't think about those things very much.

Buddy:  I'd say it sounds like your parents care about you and love you a lot to be so concerned for you.

Butch:   You know, Buddy. You're right!

Buddy:  Why thank you. Say, why don't you try to remember to show your parents how much you love and appreciate them.

Butch:   How would I do that?

(Offstage) Mom: Hey Butch!

Butch:   Yes mom?

Mom: (enters) Could you please walk down to the corner store and get something for me?

Butch:   (opens his mouth, pauses, looks at Buddy and realizes what Buddy said)

Buddy:  (tips his head a little)

Butch:   Ah, okay mom. Just let me go home first to bring my buddy barrel with me in case I find someone who has some spare change to help the missionaries.

(She leaves)

Butch:   Thanks Buddy.

Buddy:  That's more like it!

Butch:   See ya! (Exits)

Buddy:  Bye Butch! Boys and girls remember your barrels next week and have a nice day! (Exits)