©2008 Mike Competillo

(Spike and Butch enter, then Buddy)


Butch:   Hi Spike!

Spike:   Hi Butch!

Butch:   I finally got my chores done.

Spike:   Me too! Now we can go out and play!

Butch:   Yeah. And I'm so happy that springtime is here.

Spike:   Oh yeah! Got kinda tired having to shovel snow all the time.

Butch:   Yeah, me too.

Spike:   Hey, let's go get a few other guys together and play ball!

Butch:   Well, I was wanting to go biking. I got a brand new helmet!

Spike:   Ahh, so what, the ground's all dry and we can have more fun playin' ball with everybody.

Butch:   It's no fun when nobody wants to pick me on their team. I wanna go biking!

Spike:   Oh Butch, why do you have to be such a dead-beat?

Butch:   We'll have more fun biking!

(Buddy enters in middle)

Spike:   Baseball!

Butch:   No, that's all you ever want to do, you don't ever want to do what I....

Buddy:  Whoa! Hey guys. What's goin' on?

Spike:   Butch doesn't wanna do what I wanna do.

Butch:   You don't ever wanna go ridin' with me!

Buddy:  Now boys, you two are best friends. You shouldn't be fighting like this.

Spike:   But he...

Buddy:  Now let's slow it down. (Pause)

(Spike and Butch turn away from each other)

Buddy:  It seems to me that both of those things are fun to do. Why waste the time you have for fun arguing about what to do? Have either of you ever heard the word priority?

(They both look back momentarily but both turn away again)

Buddy:  How about I decide what you'll both do, if you agree on it? Sound okay?

Spike:   (turning to Buddy) Sounds good to me.

Buddy:  How about it, Butch?

Butch:   (turning slowly to Buddy) I guess so.

Buddy:  Alright then!

Butch:   But it better be something fun.

Buddy:  It will. I want you both to walk home together and to pray for each other. Then when you get there, go into your room and get your barrel out for next week. And then, you can ride your bikes over to your friend’s house and play ball! How's that?

Butch:   Hey Buddy, that's a good idea!

Spike:   Yeah!

Buddy:  And when you're done playin' ball, ask your friends parents if they have any spare change to help the missionaries in other countries. Fair enough?

Spike: Oh yeah Buddy!

Butch:   Sure thing, Buddy. Thank you Buddy Barrel.

(They leave together)

Buddy:  Oh dear. If we can only remember to love God and then others first! Then we can discover true happiness!