©2008 Mike Competillo


Butch - (enters first)

Sally - But it was my turn!

Butch - Well now it's not anybody's turn!

Sally - That's not fair! I'm tellin' mom.

Buddy - (enters)

Butch - Go ahead, I don't care!

Sally - You will after mom hears about it. (She turns around as if to leave)

Buddy - Whoa! What's happening here?

Sally - Butch keeps taking 2 turns on the sled when I only get one!

Butch - But it's my sled!

Sally - Ma said you had to share with me.

Butch - I am sharing with you. But I get to have more turns than you 'cause it's my sled.

Sally - (cries)

Buddy - Hey now. Just wait a minute! Butch, that's not like you.

Butch - I'll tell you what's not fair! I wanted to go sledding with Spike and the other guys, but mom said I had to take my little sister out. That's what's not fair!

Sally - I'm tellin'. (She leaves)

Butch - (pauses, let's out a big sigh) Oh brother! Now what? (Butch turns away from Buddy hanging head low)

Buddy - (slowly) Hey there, Butch. All's not lost.

Butch - Oh Buddy.

Buddy - I know. (Pauses) It isn't always easy having a little sister to care for, is it?

Butch - Oh Buddy, she's ruining my life! (Long pause) I haven't got to do anything with my friends all weekend! They're gonna forget I exist. (Pause) I know, I can't just leave her or forget about her. My mom's counting on me to watch out for her, but... (Pause) sometimes it's just so hard.

Buddy - Life isn't always easy. But you were wrong to take more turns than her, don't you think?

Butch - Yeah, (pause) but... You know Buddy, if I were really gonna be bone honest with you, even though I wanted more turns than her, and I took them... It was as if someone was watching me do wrong. You know the feeling you get inside that you get... And it honestly didn't seem as fun as normal as it should have. I mean, on the inside.

Buddy - That's your conscience speaking to you.

Butch - What exactly is a conscience?

Buddy - It's a sense of right and wrong that God builds into each and every one of us. Many people try to deny it exists. But when you do wrong things, you really do know it even when you're doing it.

Butch - Does that make me a bad person, Buddy... …just 'cause I don't like my little sister...  sometimes?

Buddy - Well you know, Butch. The bible says we all have sinned and are guilty. But if we confess our sins, Jesus will forgive us and cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

Butch - Yeah, I guess.

Buddy - Think of it, Butch. Remember that Jesus left heaven and died for you and me to take our punishment for us. That wasn't really easy for Him either.

Butch - You're right, Buddy. I hope He can help me out when I get home.

Buddy - Butch, remember. All you've gotta do is apologize to Sally when you get home, and admit you were wrong. Things will probably go easier for you then.

Butch - Yeah, Buddy. You're right again. I just wish I could remember how hard it is to do the apology thing BEFORE I do the wrong thing.

Buddy - You will. Your conscience is with you.

Butch - Thanks Buddy. I'd better go and take care of it right away. Just waiting around will make me feel worse.

Buddy - Bye Butch.

Butch - See ya, Buddy.(exit)

Buddy - Remember to bring in your barrel next week, boys and girls to help the missionaries. I'm sure they're very grateful.