©2007 Mike Competillo

(Spike and Butch enter, and then Buddy)


Spike:   Hi Butch.

Butch:   Hi Spike.

Spike:   You got any special plans for our winter break?

Butch:   Nah, Boy oh boy, I sure do have homework for this week, though.

Spike:   Yeah, tell the teachers to have a heart!

Butch:   I know! What's the deal?

Spike:   I think our teachers all decided to give us an extra load of homework for our winter break because school was closed for 2 days because of the snow storm last week.

Butch:   You're probably right.

Spike:   And I wanted to get in some more sledding!

Butch:   All I 'got in' was more shoveling, and I sure am cold! Burr..

Spike:   Sure has been cold outside.

Butch:   Yeah, I'm glad Feb-U-Ary is a short month.

Buddy:  (enters) That's February and you know, that doesn't really have anything to do with making winter shorter.

Spike and Butch:   Hi Buddy!

Buddy:  Hi Guys.

Butch:   Okay, Feb-RU-Ary! Why do the people who make up words have to make it so hard for us kids?

Spike:   Yeah, that's like going to the lib-RARY. It ought a be Li-BARY!

Butch:   That what everybody says.

Buddy:  Well, maybe the little children say it that way, but most people know how to say it properly.

Spike AND Butch:   Library!

Buddy:  Good for you!

Butch:   Buddy, in the winter the days are shorter, right?

Buddy:  That's right Butch.

Butch:   Is that the reason why it gets so much colder in the winter, just because there's less sunshine?

Buddy:  Well, the days are shorter and the temperatures colder because of the way God made the earth to stay tilted the same way as it goes around the sun. Without the tilt of the earth the temperatures near the north and south poles would stay colder all the time. And it would be hotter at the equator.

Spike:   I guess it's a good thing God made it the way it is then.

Butch:   Yeah, or we wouldn't get to go swimming outside in the summer.

Spike:   Yeah. I'm sure God has it all figured out.

Buddy:  Yes Spike, He knows what's best for us all.

Spike:   Buddy you know what I'm gonna do this week?

Buddy:  What's that, Spike?

Spike:   I'm gonna start each day doing up my homework and get it done for that day, so I have the rest of the day to play.

Butch:   Yeah, me too.

Buddy:  That sounds like a good plan to me, boys. And please remember to bring in your buddy barrels next week. It really helps the missionaries get the story of Jesus out to other boys and girls around the world.

Butch:   Okay Buddy.

Spike:   Yeah, thanks for the reminder.

Buddy:  Well, have a nice time and we'll see you all next month. Bye, bye!

Both: Bye


The End