‘Graduation Funds’

©2006 Mike Competillo

(Buddy, Spike and Butch enter together)


Buddy Barrel: Hi guys.  Happy June!

Spike: What's so happy about June?

Butch:   Well, school's almost over!

Spike:   That's true!

Butch:   But grown-ups have to work!

Buddy: Missionaries work all the time. But remember, God said we should always have one day of rest every week called Sabbath rest. It's even one of the commandments!

Butch:   Why is it so important to have a day of rest?

Buddy: God made the earth and all the animals in six days. He rested on the seventh day, and made us in such a way that we will actually do better when we take a day to rest.

Spike:  A lot of people don't realize that.

Buddy Barrel: Spike, you don't do school work seven days a week? Do you?

Spike: Well, no, not exactly.

Butch:  Believe me, Buddy, huh, that's not Spike's problem. He might be getting a little too much rest, if you know what I mean...

Spike:  Butch!

Butch:  My big sister is having a graduation party, and that's means she'll probably be getting lots of gift money.

Spike:  Ah, lucky her! I don't know about you, but, well, I'm afraid of not passing my big tests that are coming up.

Buddy Barrel:   Is that what's got you worried?

Butch:  Oh yeah, we get our report cards in June.

Spike: Butch! Please stop reminding me!

Buddy Barrel:  Hey Spike, you can't always avoid your troubles. Sometimes we need to deal with them and learn the lessons from them the God intended.

Spike:  Well, that doesn't make 'em any easier.

Buddy Barrel:  Spike, you're right! Learning is sometimes a very hard thing. But when we learn, we become better people as a result of it.

Spike:  Yeah, well. I'll see you guys later.

Butch:  Where ya goin'?

Spike:   I think Buddy's right. He usually is. I gotta go home and study. I've been putting it off long enough. See ya.

Buddy Barrel:  Good for you, Spike!

Butch:  Bye Spike.

Buddy Barrel:  We hope you do well on your tests. Remember Butch to pray for your friends when you're praying for the missionaries.

Butch:  Okay Buddy, I will. And I'll remember to try to get my barrel full this month too!

Buddy Barrel:   That's the spirit!

Butch:  Yeah, I'm gonna hit up my sister the day after her graduation party! Goodbye Buddy Barrel.

Buddy Barrel:   Bye, bye, Butch, and bye, bye boys and girls; and you grown-ups too!


The End