©2006 Mike Competillo

(Butch & Spike enter, then Buddy Barrel)


Spike: Hi Butch. What's going on?

Butch: Oh, nothing.

Spike: You sound a little like you're down in the dumps. Is something bothering you?

Butch: Oh, I don't know. That Sammy in my class talks too much.

Spike: Huh? Why, what does that have to do with anything?

Butch: The teacher had him in front of the class today, and all he talked about was their spring break trip to France!

Buddy Barrel: Hi guys! Nice to see you.

Spike: Hi Buddy. Butch is a little jealous of his friend Sammy cause he...

Butch: He's not my friend!

Buddy Barrel: Oh, something's bothering you today, isn't it?

Butch: Well, it's just that, it's not fair.... him getting all that attention and showing off in front of the class just because their family has enough money to go to a foreign country for a whole week, during spring break. We don't ever get to go anywhere on vacation!

Buddy Barrel:      Hmmmmmmm.

Spike: So what, Butch. Don't let it bother you.

Butch: I try... but he shows off all the time.

Buddy Barrel: Butch, always remember that the world as God made it, is not really a fair place. In times like these I think it's best to think of Jesus and how He suffered a terrible death and He didn't do anything wrong.

Spike: Buddy, my Sunday school teacher says that He took the punishment for us, so we wouldn't have to be punished forever.

Buddy Barrel: That's right, Spike.

Butch: Hey guys, it sure helps having you around to talk to about it. It makes me feel better already.

Buddy Barrel: The Bible says to be imitators of God. Do things just like Jesus did. Be the first one to care about someone else, or do someone a favor.

Spike: Buddy, I help a little boy out with his school work every Thursday.

Buddy Barrel: That's the Spirit! Good for you, Spike!

Butch: Buddy, you know how so many of those missionaries get to live in a different country? Is it kinda like being on a long vacation, for them?

Buddy Barrel: Well, Butch. It's not at all really like a vacation. First of all, it's a lot of work.

Butch: How's that?

Buddy Barrel: For example, they have to spend a lot of time just learning the language of the country where they are living.

Spike: I study French in school Buddy.

Butch: Me too! Hey that's kool.

Spike: People who are missionaries get the fun of practicing speaking all the time with the people who live there.

Buddy Barrel: Well, actually, it's still a lot of work. Think of speaking nothing but French for a week, or a month! Not only will your jaw hurt for a while, but your brain will too.

Butch & Spike: (laugh)

Buddy Barrel: It's true!

Butch & Spike: (still laughing)

Buddy Barrel: Okay, jag ska prata igenting men Svenska och se hur ni ska känna när jag gör det.

Spike: Huh?

Butch: Buddy? What are you doing?

Buddy Barrel: Vi ska se hur länge ni kan höra mig innan ni blir tröt om det.

Butch: Come on Buddy. What language is that?

Buddy Barrel: Jag skall inte berätta det till er.

Spike: Buddy. That's enough now. We get the picture.

Buddy Barrel: Hur skulle det vara om du säger et ord jag säger, då ska jag ge dig ett hundra kronor? Kan ni göra det? Vill ni bara försöka det?

Spike: Buddy! Buddy!

Butch: Buddy!

Spike: I don't know about you Butch, but I'm out of here.

Butch: Yeah, me too. See ya.

(They exit)

Buddy Barrel: (pauses) Well, I guess I made my point! Remember to bring your barrels in next week boys and girls to help those missionaries out. And have a good week. Bye, bye!