ĎMotherís Dayí

©2005 Mike Competillo


(Butch and Spike enter first, then Buddy)


Butch:†† Hi Spike, Howís it goiní?

Spike: Ah... Iím a little upset since mom said dinner wonít be ready for another half-hour or so. Iím hungry!

Butch:†† I know the feeling.

Buddy:(enters) Hi guys.

Butch:†† Hi Buddy.

Spike: (groans) Ummm.

Buddy:Whatís going on today?

Butch:†† Oh, Spike is a little a hungry.

Buddy:Oh. Hey Spike, is your mom a good cook?

Spike: Oh yeah! Sheís a great cook!

Buddy: So, ah... do you give your mom enough time?

Spike: Time for what?

Buddy:The time it takes to make such good food. You see Spike; you canít always get things instantly. Good things take time to prepare.

Spike: Well, we have a microwave!

Butch:†† Is it like writing a good essay for school?

Buddy:Just like writing a good essay! Thatís a good example, Butch. It takes time to think about the things to write down, and to put them in the proper order.

Spike: Oh, I see. Thatís what gets you good grades.

Buddy:Do you feel good when your teacher gives you a good grade on your work?

Spike: You betcha! It... makes me feel like the teacher appreciates the effort I took to do a good job.

Butch:†† So itís the good things in life that usually takes a little more time.

Buddy:Guys, Motherís Day is a time set aside for us to let our mothers know how much we appreciate them.

Butch:†† What does appreciate mean?

Buddy:That means showing a person how much you care about him or her, or how thankful you are.

Spike: What are some ways we can do that for our mothers, Buddy?

Buddy:Well, one thing youíve done already that is probably one of the most important things.

Butch:†† Whatís that?

Buddy:You came to church with her.

Butch:†† No way! Thatís one of the most important things to moms?

Buddy:It sure is.

Spike: I wouldnít have thought so.

Buddy:Momís love to go to church with her children sitting close by.

Butch:†† I wouldnít have ever guessed that.

Buddy:Did you ever see little ducklings following their mother duck around?

Spike: Ah huh!

Buddy:Well, itís kinda like that.

Butch:†† What else Buddy?

Spike: Moms like flowers, donít they?

Butch:†† Yeah, but I got yelled at once for pulling flowers out of the garden. They want the kind you have to buy in the store.

Spike: Yeah, and that takes money.

Buddy:Or, maybe you can make a card telling her how much you love her and appreciate her for all the things she does for you, that takes so much of her time.

Butch:†† Thatís a great idea! Iím going to go get started.

Spike: Me too!

Buddy:Hey guys, before you go, remember to bring your barrels next week to show your appreciation for the missionaries, and remember to pray for them too.

Butch:†† Okay Buddy! See ya later!

Spike: Bye Buddy!

Buddy:Bye, bye guys. And bye, bye boys and girls!

(They exit)