‘No More Cookies’

©2005 Mike Competillo


Butch: I can't believe it! (Running back and forth) This can't be happening!

Spike: Hey, Butch! What's up?

Butch: Spike, it's the end! They're gone! (Continues to go back and forth, stopping only to speak)

Spike: Who's gone?

Butch: Not who, but what! And I was wishing for one so badly. What am I gonna do?

Spike: Butch, get hold of yourself. What's gone?

Butch: (finally stops going back and forth) The cookies! She did it. I can't believe it!

Spike: What cookies?

Butch: In the cookie jar! They're gone! What am I gonna do now?

Buddy Barrel: (enters) Hi guys. How's it going?

Butch: Oh....

Spike: Hi Buddy, it looks like Butch is having a sugar fit. It's seems he's run out of cookies at home.

Butch: Spike, you don't understand. It’s much worse than that.

Spike: What do you mean?

Butch: Well, she said if I don't keep my room clean then she won't be buying cookies anymore.


Buddy Barrel: Oh, I get it.

Spike: Me too. Hey Buddy, why do parents always do that to us anyway?

Buddy Barrel: What's that, Spike?

Spike: You know, they don't want to let us have our own way.

Buddy Barrel: Oh, I wouldn't say that. Actually, they want to bless you more than you believe or ever could imagine.

Spike: But that just doesn't make sense. Then why are they always taking things away from us?

Buddy Barrel: God does the same thing. He loves us so much; He doesn't want to leave us the way we are. He wants us to grow.

Spike: We are growing. I just grew another inch since last Christmas.

Butch: I was growing until they took my cookies away. Now they're trying to stunt my growth!

Buddy Barrel: Well, not that kind of growing. They want you to grow to be responsible.

Spike: Yeah, I've heard that one before! What so important about being responsible anyway?

Buddy Barrel: Well, just think about it, guys. We come here every month to remind the boys and girls to bring their barrels in with their spare change to help the missionaries, right?

Butch: Yeah.

Spike: Yeah.

Buddy Barrel: Well, just think what would happen if you went to the refrigerator or the cupboard to get your breakfast, and you found absolutely nothing to eat?

Butch: That's just the problem. My snacks are missing!

Buddy Barrel: And that's got you pretty upset, doesn't it?

Spike: Can't you tell, Buddy? I think he's losin' it!

Butch: How can you say they want to give us things when they keep taking things away?

Buddy Barrel: Well, let's just think for a minute about those missionaries who have left their homes and families, and gone away to a distant country just to share the good news about Jesus with the people there. They've stepped out in faith, believing that the people who said they're gonna help them out with money to pay for the things they need. And they're hoping and trusting that they won't be forgotten. They're hoping and believing that you and I will remember them and pray for them and send them our spare change so when they go to their cupboard, they'll find something to eat.

How would you feel, guys, if someone told you to go out and work, but you didn't even get to eat?

Butch: Well, I guess I wouldn't want to.

Spike: I'd get too tired and too weak to do any work.

Buddy Barrel: I'm sure you both get tired and hungry even when you're out playing with your friends. You look forward to coming home to dinner, and you expect mom and dad to have something ready for you when it is dinner time.

Spike: Well, that's what parents are supposed to do.

Buddy Barrel: Very good, Spike. But you know what? That's what we are ALL supposed to do.

Butch: Even me?

Buddy Barrel: Even you, Butch!

Spike: Well how are we supposed to do that?

Buddy Barrel: Jesus said, "Whenever I was hungry, you fed me. When I was cold, you gave me clothing. When I was sick, you visited me." The sheep on His right asked, "When did we do these things for You?" He said, "Whenever you did these things for the least of your brothers, that's what you did to Me." The ones who didn't do anything to help anyone were thrown into the ever-burning fire and tortured forever!

(Pause) So you see it's a lesson we must all learn, to care about the needs of others.

Spike: It's hard to have to be responsible all the time, Buddy.

Buddy Barrel: I know, Spike. Sometimes it is. But then, we need to think of those missionaries and how they are counting on us to help them out. We can't just forget them. What if it was you out there?

Butch: Oh, I get it now. It's because others are counting on us to do our share. If we don't help out, then someone is going to suffer.

Buddy Barrel: Right, Butch. And if we don't help our neighbor like Jesus told us to, then we will suffer in the fire, forever!

Butch: Do any of you guys have any cookies I could have?

Buddy Barrel: Butch, I think the thing to do, is to go home and clean your room, as hard as it is.

Spike: Yeah, I think Buddy is right.

Butch: Yeah, I know, but I sure hate having to do it.

Buddy Barrel: It's for our own good to keep things clean and to obey those who are responsible (pause) for us.

Butch: Well, I guess I might if I get hungry enough. (Leaves)

Spike: I'll see ya later, Buddy. I, uh, have some things I need to take care of too.

Buddy Barrel: Okay guys. And don't forget those barrels too!

Spike: See ya. (Leaves)

Buddy Barrel:      See ya. (Leaves) I sure hope they do the right thing.