©2005 Mike Competillo


Butch: Hey Buddy, look at what Iíve got. Itís a treasure map.

Spike: Oh wow!

Butch: With this map Iím going to find a lot of money and diamonds and rubies!

(Buddy and Spike look at each other)

Buddy: IÖ I think that treasure map is a fake. Look at what Iíve got. Itís a Bible.

Spike: Are there hidden treasures in the Bible?

Buddy: Oh, yes, Spike! Itís full of a lot of hidden treasures.

Spike: Well Iím going to study my treasure map and then Iím going to follow it until I find the hidden treasure.

Butch: Really? Is there really a hidden treasure map in the Bible?

Buddy: It doesnít look like a map, but information about the treasure is hidden in the writing of it.

Butch: I didnít know that.

Buddy: The Bible says that we should not store up treasures here on earth but in Heaven.

Butch: But the Bible is old, Buddy. How do you know if you can trust the Bible?

Spike: Butch your treasure map is from a bubble gum machine. How real is that?

Buddy: Those treasures are not real!

Butch: Do you think my treasure map is a fake?

Spike: Of course it is.

Buddy: Iím afraid so, Butch. Everyone should study the Bible and follow what it says.

Spike: Buddy, tell us about some of the treasures in the Bible?

Buddy: One treasure you will find is the gift of wisdom, the Bible says that

Wisdom is worth more than diamonds and rubies.

Spike: With wisdom we can learn how to do what is right.

Buddy: Exactly!

Butch: Whatís another treasure, Buddy?

Buddy: We are Butch!

Butch: Huh?

Buddy: The Bible says we are the Lords treasure. We are a jewel in His crown.

Butch: You mean the Lord loves me more than money and treasures?

Buddy: Yes Butch. The Bible teaches us that we are like beautiful stones to the Lord.

Spike: Like a diamond or a ruby?

Buddy: Yes.

Spike: Whatís another treasure, Buddy?

Buddy: Another treasure is Godís Power. It lives inside us when we read and study the Bible.

Butch: So I should read and study the Bible instead of studying my treasure map?

Buddy: Oh yeah. If you read and study the Bible, the treasures that God gives

you, you will be able to share those treasures with someone else.

Spike: That sounds great. I can give my friends and families treasures thatíll last forever!

Buddy: The best treasure from the Bible and the most important one is Jesus. He came to earth to die on a cross, and took the punishment for our sins.

Spike: Thatís right. And 3 days later, on Easter Sunday, He rose up from the dead!

Buddy: Thatís right Spike! Thatís the good news! And thatís the reason so many missionaries go all over the world to tell those who havenít heard.

Butch: Is it true, Buddy that those who donít receive Jesus and His teaching will have to pay the price of death for their own sins?

Buddy: Thatís true, Butch. Eternal death, which means never ever being allowed into heaven or the New Jerusalem.

Spike: So remember to bring in those barrels next week! It helps the missionaries tell more people about the good news of Jesus.

Butch: The real treasure which lasts forever!

Buddy: With Godís treasures we can all have a happy Resurrection Day!

All: Bye, bye. (Puppets exit)