‘Barrel Work’

©2005 Mike Competillo


 (Buddy enters first, then Spike and Butch)


Buddy Barrel: Oh brother, ‘tis the season to be jolly.  Boy do I feel tired.  Christmas is always such a busy time.

(Spike and Butch enter)

Spike: Hello Buddy Barrel.  Happy New Year!

Butch: Yeah buddy.  Happy New Year!

Buddy Barrel: Same to you guys.  And how was your Christmas?

Spike: Just wonderful Buddy.  And how was yours?

Buddy Barrel: Whew, I tell you, it was sure rough.

Butch: How can Christmas be rough on a barrel?

Buddy Barrel: Well, Butch sometimes I work a little extra for some extra money, and I feel stuffed.

Spike: I don't get it Buddy. I didn't know you have a job.  What kind of work do you do?

Buddy Barrel: Well, I'm a barrel of course. People fill me with all kinds of garbage and paper and wrappings from Christmas time.

Butch: Wow, I had no idea.

Spike: Now I get it. You're stuffed because of all the stuff people throw into barrels.

Buddy Barrel: Some barrels are used for garbage and some in circuses and some for beverages and stuff like that.

Spike and Butch: Wow!

Butch: Who would ever think that a barrel could do so much?

Buddy Barrel: It's the same way with everyone in God's church. Some are gifted in one area and some in another. The important thing is that you use what God has given you.

Spike: Like the missionaries, Buddy, they spread the good news of Jesus in other countries. That must be their gift.

Buddy Barrel: And we do our part here.

Butch: So remember to keep bringing those barrels, boys and girls. And do your part too!

Spike: Hey, let your shine too. Be like Jesus.

Buddy Barrel: Way to go, guys. Let's do it! You too, boys and girls!

Spike: See ya.

Butch: Bye.